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Rename BuildOperationService to BuildOperationListenerManager.

Remove integration tests for builds using build operation listener directly.

This is no longer a thing.

Fix typo

Block the browser when a Play application reloads in the middle of a rebuild

Try to resolve Kotlin lib sources against project hierarchy

See #96

Mention Robert Hencke in release notes

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Review feedback

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Avoid changing resource lock state while rolling back

Add logging gradle property to the release notes and clean up documentation.

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Add continuous build coverage when using composite builds

- Using continuous build with plugin dev

- Using continuous build with multi-project substitutions

- Using continuous build with a simple Java project and library

Change TaskInputsListener into a service vs a simple Listener

Using the ListenerManager prevents different threads from notifying

the same type of listener if the listener causes the same type of

notifications when called.

Add `ProjectRegistry.getRootProject()`

This avoids hard-coding ':' as the root project path in various locations.

Clarify behaviour of Path.append

Move the files to update configuration to `JavaTestProject`

This allows us reusing the configuration for both performance tests, and the Gradle Profiler.

The `performance.scenarios` file will reuse the same files. There are 2 categories of files to change

for now: `assemble` and `test`.

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Release notes adjustments

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Update wrapper to 4.0 M2

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Rename ExecutionScopeServices to BuildTreeScopeServices

The hierarchy is:

Global < BuildSession < BuildTree < Build < Gradle < Project

Show root cause when transforming exception fails

Instead of showing why the transforming failed we should always show

the original build failure.

Add `performance.scenarios` file to Java performance test projects

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Fail when configuring unregistered build cache

Polish integration tests

- Reuse `customDaemonRegistry()`

Remove double canonicalization of project dirs

Polish Javadoc of DirectoryBuildCache

In order to have the default size show up in the DSL docs I needed

to add the size as text. This is since we cannot parse the

constant expression written in the source code in our tooling - and

since 5 GB looks much nicer than 5120 MB.

Since the constant then was unused I just inlined it.

Revert log polling delay to 10ms

Rebaseline first use performance tests

We added a small overhead required for cache correctness. Since

the regression is minor and only affects the first use scenario,

we decided to accept it.

Merge branch 'release'

Update build scan plugin to 1.7.2

Upgrade the Build Scan Plugin to 1.7.2 and un-ignore related checks

Polish AbstractTask some more

+review REVIEW-6534

Rebaseline performance test

This test has been failing since its introduction. There's no easy way to mitigate the regression,

so we decided to rebaseline for now.