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:arrow_up: Kotlin 1.1.2 :tada:

Toward Kotlin 1.1.3 (#387).

Rename NestedCompositeBuildIntegrationTest

Remove unnecessary `` file from subprojects

Favour configuration block syntax over delegated property

Favour generated accessor over explicitly typed `configure` call

Change WorkerDirectoryProvider to use GFileUtils.mkdirs()

Remove `plugins` project from the list of published projects

The list should only contain modules to be published with the Gradle


Merge pull request #2249 from gradle/gh/worker-api/working-directory

Worker daemons set working directory only during execution

embedded-kotlin integration tests now use the live dev distribution

And fail with an obscure java.lang.VerifyError

Introduce embedded-kotlin plugin

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Merge pull request #2256 from gradle/rbo/DefaultFileLockManager

Always retry locking operation after waking up

Compiler daemons use un-serialized execution specs

Allow worker daemons to specify keep alive mode

Let first imported BOM win, like in Maven

Relax the test assertion and avoid sleep usage (#2248)

This should fix some flakiness we are seeing with some rich console test.

Ignore Team City config IDEA project file(s)

Rebaseline all performance tests

The CLI startup improvements made all tests faster, so we rebaseline

them all in order to not loose this improvement again.

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Remove unused import in ~/build.gradle.kts

Mention faster CLI in release notes

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Polish section about CodeNarc console report in release notes

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Recognize Bo Zhang in release notes

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Merge pull request #2170 from blindpirate/codenarc-console

Add support for 'console' output type of CodeNarc plugin (Fix 1481)

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Add some words about improvement on CodeNarc in release note

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Added some debug logging to the attribute matching, plus a `toString()` representation for a couple of types.

Improve code style

Align compiler daemons with worker daemon infrastructure

Remove assertion that depends on race condition between included builds

Refactor WorkerFactory so that the idle working dir is injected on the server side

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Merge branch 'release'

Updated to latest RC Wrapper

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