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Polish release notes

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Fix documentation link

Fix AbstractSourceIncrementalCompilationIntegrationTest

It still referenced `compileJava`, causing the test to not test anything

for Groovy.

Hide `getSources` a little bit better

Add missing import

Fix tests

Add comment about detail that should be added to the section

Add missing 'to'

Add missing 'to'

Add missing 'to'

Merge pull request #10040 from gradle/cc/dm/deincubate-6.0

De-incubate a number of dependency management related APIs

Merge branch 'master' into wolfs/bump-to-6.0

Add missing test dependencies

Consistent wording: 'Gradle Module Metadata' (not experimental)

Merge pull request #10272 from gradle/eskatos/ie/jacoco

Let Jacoco run with instant-execution

Update documentation to reflect new publishing behavior

Bump versions in build-init

Fix remove cleanDirectory()

Use Deleter in cleaning stale outputs, take 2

This covers the remaining use cases:

- stale class cleanup for compilers

- stale overlapping output cleanup

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Make codenarc happy

Make codenarc happy

Merge pull request #10273 from gradle/wolfs/disable-https-tests-on-jdk12

Disable some https test on JDK12


Upgrade embedded Kotlin version to 1.3.50




Disable some https test on JDK12

Each test method takes about 5 minutes because of

The bug may be fixed JDK 12.02, so maybe we should upgrade

to this version at some point.

First shot at having two TaskActions

Drop tryDelete()

Drop tryDelete()