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Make test retry work also when Spock expects a specific exception

This is an attempt to fix one remaining CI failure in cross version tests using old version of daemon

Rename `readOnly` to `overwritable` for clarity

+review REVIEW-5803

Use a more general type for constructor parameter.

Changed several more places to use an injected path resolver instead of an implicit resolver.

Add open issue hinting at explicit composites

Added some TODOs for rules to convert in the future

+review REVIEW-5808

Simplify some Play JavaScript rules

+review REVIEW-5808

Simplify some Play CoffeeScript rules

+review REVIEW-5808

Simplify some Play rules

+review REVIEW-5808

Add more cross-version test cases and participant failure cases to composite build

Simplify native rules

+review REVIEW-5808

Fix margin on certain user guide pages

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Fix margin on certain user guide pages

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Use `@BinaryTasks` rule where it makes sense

+review REVIEW-5808

Fold BaseBinaryRules into BinaryBasePlugin

+review REVIEW-5808

Updates to design doc

Fold JUnitTestSuiteRules into JUnitTestSuitePlugin

+review REVIEW-5808

Fold JvmTestSuiteBinaryRules into JvmTestSuiteBasePlugin

+review REVIEW-5808

Fold NativeComponentRules into NativeComponentModelPlugin

+review REVIEW-5808

Spec updates for composite-build-in-daemon

- Also minor spec formatting

Update multiple-build story for composite builds

- Delegate to underlying ProjectConnection and aggregate the results

- Fail on first error

fix hashcode and equals for Project in idea plugin

+review REVIEW-5800

address minor review items

- add jdkName to equals() and hashcode() implementations in Module

- remove code that was commented out

- use more idtiomatic groovy

+review REVIEW-5795

Clean up single build spec WRT discussions

- we can support all Gradle versions >=1.0

- we need to support ModelBuilder for a Set of results from a composite

Update spec to deal with war plugin

Fix javadoc typo

Update design doc

Update design for a composite build story

Add note to spec

Remove unused `@Variant` annotation