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Migrated buildscan configuration to Kotlin.

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Improve error message when we try to generate a proxy for a final class

Adjust message to match Groovy DSL compilation message

I wondered where this message was still coming from

Re-enable ignored tests

Bah, really rename class

Fix typo

Findbugs should use mapped nested inputs

Ensure that Named beans in iterables have unique names

Address review feedback

Removed setting obsolete extra property.

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Re-organize nested iteration logic

Migrated remoteHttpCacheSettings.gradle to Kotlin.

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Fix tests

Allow Maps as nested beans

Update wrappers to latest snapshot distro

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Better out-of-date message when tasks with actions declare no outputs

Merge pull request #733 from gradle/bamboo/issues/728

Make `buildSrc` dependencies available to script plugins in the IDE

DefaultConfiguration performance improvement: create sets lazily

Make `buildSrc` dependencies available to script plugins in the IDE

Resolves #728

Determine nested property name for named things

Polish `IdeConfigurationPlugin`

- Replace `delete/append` sequence by `replace`

- Rename method for clarity (the child element doesn't have to exist)

- Replace temporary variable by `apply { ... }`

Polish `IdeConfigurationPlugin`

- Move Jsoup extensions to outer scope

Convert examples to tested samples

All the placeholder code examples in working with files are now tested samples

with the introduction of SamplesCopyIntegrationTest and


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Rebase performance tests with large dependency graph

Seems like the caching improvements of #4265 effected all these

test scenarios. Most of them positively. Only the non-parallel,

exclude rule merging test shows a slight regression.

This sets the baseline of all these test scenarios to the same baseline

that we set in commit 3114a for the file repo scenario.

Add timeout for flaky InProcessGroovyCompilerIntegrationTest

InProcessGroovyCompilerIntegrationTest.canUseCustomFileExtensions [1.7.11]

Seems to have been hanging for some time now.

It should take about 2s.

Made Provider API sample more idiomatic for what we can do with Kotlin now

This takes the approach to make Kotlin look more like the explicitness

of Java until we can do something fancier (like setter overloads).

- We want to expose a single getter that returns the Provider/Property

- The GreetingExtension and Greeting task had unnecessarily mutable variables

- Handwritten separate setters/getters for a Property isn't what we want people

to do. And I think we don't want authors to expose special methods for

setting Provider or raw values.

Fixes #597

Merge pull request #4490 from gradle/bamboo/fix-idea-project

Upgrade buildSrc Jsoup to 1.11.2 to fix idea generation

Remove some unused scripts

This PR makes an attempt to remove some unused scripts in Gradle codebase:

- buildTagging.gradle

- fix-GRADLE-2492.gradle

- customM2Check.gradle

Upgrade buildSrc Jsoup to 1.11.2 to fix idea generation

Merge pull request #4482 from gradle/lptr/build-cache/improve-cleanup-log-message

Improve cache cleanup log message