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Add patched ClasspathInferrer working with 1.8-2.2.

Test coverage for error messages produced when managed type extraction involves an inheritance structure

+review REVIEW-5265

update wrapper to use 2.2.1-rc-1

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Test coverage for manged types extending multiple interfaces

+review REVIEW-5265

Test coverage for model rules depending on manged model super type as subject and input

+review REVIEW-5265

Update test for class rename

Mention contribution from Daniel Lacasse in release notes

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Merge pull request #348 from Shad0w1nk/NativeBinaryTasks-extension

Improvements to native binary tasks

Mention Stefan Wolf’s contribution

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Make a best effort to publish when maven publication has multiple unclassified artifacts

Updated release notes.

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Minor spec updates.

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Don't need fully qualified name in sample.

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Merged 'release' branch.

Better display names for play application components

Automatically register a play component named ‘play’ when the ‘play-application’ plugin is applied.

fixed documentation error as "+=" adds Files instead of Configuration

added test for minusConfiguration with "eclipse-wtp" on "java" project

removed duplicate assertion code in EclipseWtpPluginTest

Only set a non-null task list on the operationParamsBuilder if at least one task has been given to this method

+review REVIEW-5254

Chain method calls

test applying "eclipse-wtp" in various order before/after others

Revert omitting null check on cancellation token

Even if no cancellation is requested by the user, a non-null token is required.

+review REVIEW-5254

Adjust output with Group information

+review REVIEW-5266

test default "eclipse-wtp" settings for non-"war"/-"ear" project

Test full output

+review REVIEW-5266

Add test on "help for tasks same type different groups"

+review REVIEW-5266

Include 'Group' in detailed task information

+review REVIEW-5266

Fix checkstyle

GRADLE-2186, GRADLE-2221: "eclipse-wtp" tasks without "war"/"ear" plugin