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Some fixes to the docs readme.

enabled use of strict class path when testing against 'current' tooling api consumer as it seems to work now

Make HttpServer.stop() a noop if it was never started.

Fail fast if trying to run the wrapper tests without previously having built the distribution.

Make TestProxyServer.stop() a noop if start() was never called.

made codenarc happy

Deprecate Project#dependsOnChildren() & update userguide.

removed some unnecessary defs

Unignored one tooling api integ test on llinux. Added new class to the shared classloader for the tooling suite.

removed obsolete imports

another spock-related fix

more Spock-related test fixes

- JUnit rules must now declare a field type, and that type must implement MethodRule/TestRule

- turned TestProxyServer into a rule (it was already used as if it was a rule)

- extended org.junit.rules.ExternalResource instead of implementing TestRule in some places

adapted spec to spock change

adapted spec to spock change

Fix wrong mkdir usage in webDist userguide example.

Add Project.evaluationDependsOnChildren() method

Disable this test on windows, until GRADLE-2118 is fixed.

- Updated c++ integ tests so that they can discover installed visual c++ or mingw when they are not included in the path - Updated c++ integ tests to execute each test against each available compiler.

- Search for c++ compilers in the order they are registered. - Improved error message when no compiler available. - Changed CompilerRegistry.getDefaultCompiler() to return null rather than blowing up when no compiler available.

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Moved WindowsTerminalDetector from core to native project.

fix LoggingIntegrationTests by replacing deprecated Project.dependsOn by Project.evaluationDependsOn

fix BuildScriptErrorIntegrationTest.reportsProjectEvaluationFailsWithGroovyException

Fixes for file name quoting when using visual c++.

remove Project.dependsOn references in userguide/ update examples

Update Task javadoc with detailed dependsOn description

Deprecated Project.childrenDependOnMe(), Project.dependsOn(String) and Project.dependsOn(String, boolean)

Fixed broken test execution.

- Change terminal detection to use isatty() directly, rather than via POSIX. - Moved PosixBackedTerminalDetector from core to native project. - Some renames.

Fixed several more typos in userguide

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