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TeamCity change in 'Gradle :: Promotion' project: artifact dependencies of 'Release - Snapshot (from Quick Feedback)' build configuration were updated

TeamCity change in 'Gradle :: Promotion' project: Build Configurations order changed

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Work around gradle/gradle#5507 and sort resolved source artifacts

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

File.listFiles() order is undetermined, make it predictible

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

Make tests work on linux

Merge pull request #5498 from gradle/oehme/apt/incremental/fix-discovery

Gracefully handle Processors that can't provide options early

Enable location aware handling of script compilation errors

Replace `Lazy<HashCode>` computation by eager nullable

- The hash of the accessors classpath will always be needed so the

laziness was just overhead

Add accessors `ClassPath` to local `ClassLoaderScope` path

Add sanity check to AgentTest build configuration

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Resolve build error

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Adjust Agent Test build configuration

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Make xctest task fail when execution of the test suite fails

Add Javadoc for `RegularFile` and `Directory` being publishable artifacts

Signed-off-by: Mike Kobit <>

Reverse the ownership between the model and tasks

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Add missing imports

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Add `createLater` API for task constructor args

Add Agent test builds

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Improve `toString()` representation of `ProgramSourceFragment`

For debugging purposes.

Use the partial evaluator on `Project` scripts

TeamCity change in 'Gradle :: Agent Test' project: Versioned settings configuration updated

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Make ConfigurableRule expose isolated rule params

This will better integrate with caching as the isolation will be

performed once instead of multiple times for a single rule.

Fixes #5261

Merge branch 'release'

Clean up least recently used entries in external resources file store

The files in the external resources file store cache are now

automatically cleaned up based on a least recently used strategy. The

structure in the cache is as follows:

- modules-2

- resources-2.1

- 0

- hash 1 (*)

- hash 2 (*)

- ...

- ...

The cache now keeps track of files accessed inside the marked hash

directories. The cleanup action then deletes all such files that have

not been accessed in the last 30 days.

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Don't use ClassLoader.getDefinedPackages() on Java 9 (#5477)

Prior to this change, FilteringClassLoader invokes


to get all system packages on Java 9, which is not correct.

ClassLoader.getDefinedPackages() only fetches packages defined by

the ClassLoader itself, not including its parent's. The consequence is,

on Java 9, most Java SE and JDK packages (e.g. java.lang) are not included in


This PR fixes this problem by using ClassLoader.getPackages() all the time.

Polish `Interpreter`

Specialize `Project` scripts containing a `plugins` block

Add some test coverage for task failure handling in composite builds.

Polish `KotlinScriptEvaluator`

Remove some allocations from the common script evaluation code path

- Make `logger` a singleton

- Preallocate `EnumSet` constants