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Change: Correct some misspelling and duplicate words

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Fixed typo.

Rename test class to match convention

+review REVIEW-5153

Add tests for ModelPathSuggestionProvider

+review REVIEW-5153

Add test case for German readelf output. Refactor ReadelfBinaryInfo class for better testability.

Simplify using builder for UnboundRuleInput. Simplify UnboundRulesProcessor.

+review REVIEW-5153

Don't bleed ModelRuleDescriptor to unbound rule reporting code. Simplify using builder for UnboundRule.

+review REVIEW-5153

Extract ModelPathSuggestionProvider to a separate class

+review REVIEW-5153

Strike out some implemented test cases in the spec

+review REVIEW-5153

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fix SonarRunnerSmokeIntegrationTest test on windows

+review REVIEW-5170

Expansion of model DSL stories.

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    • +65
Correct generic type bounds.

+review REVIEW-5171

Don't use DefaultAntBuilder in AntTarget test.

+review REVIEW-5168

Try again with test fix.

Add IdeaProject#vcs to DSL ref.

+review REVIEW-5162

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Correct bounds of generic type.

+review REVIEW-5168

Fixed broken int test on linux.

Fixed broken unit test on windows.

Reworked the initialisation code in InetAddressFactory.

Garbage collected a completed story.

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Moved some open issues and test cases to separate stories.

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Some tweaks to error handling and logging.

Minor spec update

Listed a few more things we should add to the CI build

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Some updates to the native binaries chapter:

- Listed a few 'unofficially supported' tool chain + platform combinations.

- Added some details about what you need to install in order to build on various platforms.

Some notes about native binary improvements.

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GCC can build x64 binaries on Windows in general, so remove this check. Still need to improve detection of whether what we find in the path can build x86 or x64 binaries or both or neither, but this is true of Linux and OS X too.

Moved targetPlatform up to BinaryToolSpec and use this to decide whether to pass -fPIC to the GCC compiler or not.`

Polishing of Action overloads for public facing ProcessOperation methods.


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Merge pull request #319 from lptr/master

Expose Project.exec(Action) and Project.javaexec(Action)