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Fix baseline in performance test

Use verb phrase and avoid all caps in progress log description for build phases

Exclude Path in BuildDependenciesOnlyFileCollectionResolveContext

Simplify executor relationships

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Changed some tests to use `BlockingHttpServer` instead of `CyclicBarrierHttpServer`.

Improved some error handling in `BlockingHttpServer`.

Tweaked the API of `BlockingHttpServer` to make it somewhat more convenient to use in tests.

Tweak some validation in `BlockingHttpServer`

Fix integration test

Fix flaky test for long-running task

Lock down recent performance improvements

Merge pull request #2102 from gradle/sg/findbugs/error

Do not resolve classes dirs as a file tree

Polish differences between classpath annotations

+review REVIEW-6542

    • -16
    • +14
Strip ANSI codes in test fixture

Merge pull request #2109 from gradle/dl-issue-1966

Periodically forward output of long running task

Revert "Log progress headers when not associated with a build operation"

See gradle/gradle#2131

This reverts commit 37f82c9f2f60479db9b5e422ca8550b746f062be.

Clarify differences between classpath annotations

+review REVIEW-6542

    • -57
    • +12
Revert "Log name of task experiencing problems with (un)packing its results"

This reverts commit 85ca847d3bee7491cc3f27325d9981991547c786.

Show stale output cleanup message on info level

Merge pull request #2086 from gradle/dd/composite-builds/task-references

Use a task dependency to trigger construction of artifacts in an included build

Remove parallel.intra from performance tests

This option was never documented, unsafe and is now removed.

Remove it from the tests to avoid skewing results.

Reword caveat message for build cache

+review REVIEW-6541

Test logs should be grouped with it's other task output (#2052)

Remove handling for AbstractMethodError with GSK

Gradle-script-kotlin is now using `AbstractPluginServiceRegistry`, so this

error handling is no longer required.

Merge pull request #2131 from gradle/ew/logging/log-progress-events-with-headers

Log progress headers when not associated with a build operation

Match build VMs if immutable VM arguments match


Don't wrap exceptions from included builds

Fix merge conflict mistake.

Describe differences between different classpath annotations

+review REVIEW-6542

Merge branch 'release'