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Minor update

Small update to example

Revert "Support for testing multiple VS installs"

Reverting this for now until we can fix the VS installs on windows VMs.

This reverts commits:





Add coverage for authenticating to HTTPS repositories

+review REVIEW-5736

Refinements to the spec

Add logging of node registration

Re-enabling mistakenly commented tool chains.

+review REVIEW-5794

Fixing broken unit test

+review REVIEW-5794

Fixing checkstyle errors

Update Buildship STS migration spec

Implement faster class node resolution for Gradle classes.

This commit introduces a custom `ResolveVisitor` for Gradle, called `GradleResolveVisitor`, which takes advantage of the fact that Gradle knows exactly which classes are possibly imported in a script. We can use that information to shortcut some resolution execution pathes, and significantly improve compilation performance. "first build" performance test improves by 20% after this commit.

+review REVIEW-5811

Moved nested classes to top-level for IBM JDK6 +review REVIEW-5808

Fix classpath for integration tests

+review REVIEW-5736

Revert "Revert "Add tests for http/https proxying""

This reverts commit 6f81957d52be6e73c9b748d4c085e039a724658a.

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release'

* origin/release:

Revert "Add tests for http/https proxying"

Add tests for http/https proxying

Add test coverage for http and https proxies

Use system default route planner when configuring http client

Mention plugin portal client changes in release notes

Fix margin on certain user guide pages

Add some context in release notes

Revert "Add tests for http/https proxying"

This reverts commit 5222e6338284ea3b2e04daa4aaefcdaba01ee3ab.

Revert "Add test coverage for http and https proxies"

This reverts commit db886bda238d892430e01ccad6e5894ea8801c34.

These tests pass from intellij, but not from command-line...

Add tests for http/https proxying

+review REVIEW-5736

Add test coverage for http and https proxies

+review REVIEW-5736

Made Installation Clearer

I Know it might seem like it's obvious, but how can you use an environment var you have not declared, and just in-case anyone does not realize which folder to set `GRADLE_HOME` to.

GRADLE-3182 provide fixtures for code merge

Explicitly set classpath (attempt to fix Windows test)

Story: gradle/langos#153

Add error output to the logs

Story: gradle/langos#153

Disable test on Windows (again)

Story: gradle/langos#153

Fix checkstyle

Story: gradle/langos#153

Propagate error message and re-enable Windows test.

This commit should not fix the issue we are seeing on CI under Windows, but should give us more details about what is happening.

Story: gradle/langos#153

Replaced *StateChangeRule factory classes with concrete subtypes

The various `*Rule` classes wrapped static factory methods that

produced anonymous inner class implementations of `TaskStateChanges`.

This change replaces this mechanism with concrete classes for each

type of state change that we track.

This commit removes the `SnapshotAccess` type introduced in

the previous commits, in favour subtypes for each type of

snapshot we track changes for.

+review REVIEW-5666

  1. … 3 more files in changeset.
Add stories to spec for retrieving build environment and providing arguments to participants

Rework how probing results are used to generate an appropriate name for JDK/JRE and use all JVMs in integration test

Story: gradle/langos#153

Removed separate 'state change rule' for output file snapshots

After this change, the logic for processing inputs, outputs and

discovered inputs during task execution is consolidated. For each

'type' of input/output, a `SnapshotAccess` implementation provides

access to the previous state and current state, as well as providing

a mechanism for persisting the current state.

+review REVIEW-5666

Removed the separate processing logic for discovered inputs

- Encapsulate all access to file snapshot history

- Provide implementations for inputs and discovered inputs

+review REVIEW-5666