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Split test for classpath updater.

move SourceFile fixture into common internal-integ-testing

- allow usage from non native projects

+review REVIEW-5258

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Fix :toolingApi:{test,integTest,forkingIntegTest}.

Need to put patch JAR resource into some package to avoid problems with

filtering classloaders.

fix and enable PlayRunIntegrationTest

+review REVIEW-5261

ignore playrun integrationstests for now till flakyness is fixed

fix PlayRuntime classpath + integration test

TODO: proper classpath handling in PlayRun task; inject toolchain...

+review REVIEW-5261

fix possible nullpointer in PlayRun invocation

+review REVIEW-5261

Manage classpath patch as service.

This helps to reduce number of created temp files to one per ConnectionService.

Ship tooling API provider patch as JAR.

Some more changes on PlayRun task

- rename PlayRunWorkerManager to PlayApplicationRunner

- other minor cleanups

+review REVIEW-5261

fix failing windows ci

+review REVIEW-5263

Use BaseForkOptions to configure PlayRun process memory settings

+review REVIEW-5261

@ComponentBinaries takes care of binding component sources to its binaries

+review REVIEW-5263

Support for managed model properties of collection types

+review REVIEW-5270

Added comment to test

+review REVIEW-5225

Detection of conflicting properties in managed type inheritance hierarchies.

+review REVIEW-5265

Extract patch required for tooling API provider.

Create tooling classloader with overriden ClasspathInferer.

Adding error handling tests for component metadata rules

+review REVIEW-5218

Test coverage for two managed types extending same parent

+review REVIEW-5265

Don't reuse ModelRuleDefinitionHandler instances in tests

+review REVIEW-5265

Add patched ClasspathInferrer working with 1.8-2.2.

Test coverage for error messages produced when managed type extraction involves an inheritance structure

+review REVIEW-5265

update wrapper to use 2.2.1-rc-1

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Test coverage for manged types extending multiple interfaces

+review REVIEW-5265

Test coverage for model rules depending on manged model super type as subject and input

+review REVIEW-5265

Update test for class rename

Mention contribution from Daniel Lacasse in release notes

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Merge pull request #348 from Shad0w1nk/NativeBinaryTasks-extension

Improvements to native binary tasks

Mention Stefan Wolf’s contribution

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Make a best effort to publish when maven publication has multiple unclassified artifacts