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Added support for system property test.debug to debug unit tests

Another attempt to fix broken int test

Updated to latest slf4j and logback

GRADLE-1029 - Get rid of deprecation warning when using the Groovydoc task

GRADLE-1029 - Allow std err capture level to be specified - Added Script, Project, Task getLogging() which returns a LoggingManager - Added LoggingManager.captureStandardError() - Deprecated Script, Project, Task captureStandardOutput() and disableStandardOutputCapture()

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GRADLE-1038 Allow to specify a timeout interval for Maven snapshots. Bundled all Maven integration test into separate package.

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Upgraded to ivy-2.2.0-rc1

GRADLE-1033, GRADLE-680 - Execute tests when classes under test change - Treat the contents of an input directory as input - More int test coverage for incremental build

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GRADLE-977 Gradle converts existing manifest attribute names to lower case when importing

Some attempts to fix broken int test

GRADLE-881 - Handle buildSrc projects with source outside the buildSrc directory. - Removed special case up-to-date checking for the buildSrc project

Use the idea plugin from the gradle distribution, plus a couple of other minor tidy-ups

Removed unused test project

Added logging statement for single test execution.

Some updates to the idea plugin chapter

GRADLE-783 - processResources task cleans up stale resources

GRADLE-623 - Added int test to check stale test classes are no longer executed

GRADLE-949 A subproject will check the cache for a jar instead of the jar produced by the dependency

GRADLE-623/GRADLE-783 - Added int test for groovy and scala compilation in incremental builds - Finished adding input/output annotations to the various compile tasks

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GRADLE-1023 - Corectly handle jar.metaInf { into ... } and war.webInf { into ... }

GRADLE-1016 Fixed typos and updated docs. Thanks to Chris Beams for pointing this out.

Some updates to the performanceTest templates

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GRADLE-988 - Share a single implementation class for all empty scripts, rather than generating a separate class for each script. - Fail script compilation if a script contains a package statement, until GRADLE-1014 is fixed

Removed package statement from int test build script and fixed the test (was broken due to GRADLE-1017)

Some minor tidy-ups

GRADLE-988 - Cache the implementation class for a given script.

GRADLE-986 - Discard task histories which are likely no longer needed

GRADLE-1004 - Fix ConcurrentModificationException when allTasks { } closure adds a task.

Updated trainings.

GRADLE-882 The with method of a copyspec should allow for multiple arguments.