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Allow specifying custom order of task options in help command output

This change was driven by the need to display more important option of build init plugin first.

Elaborate sts migration story

Reuse `ArgWriter` to generate args file for launching worker process.

+review REVIEW-5806

Moved `ArgWriter` to baseServices project, so that it can be used from more places.

+review REVIEW-5806

Removed usage of GFileUtils, pending move to baseServices project.

+review REVIEW-5806

Consolidated some code that transforms an argument list into an arg files.

+review REVIEW-5806

Reduce the size of a couple of large performance test builds.

Don't use an options file to run `java` when using not using the current Java install.

+review REVIEW-5806

Use a factory to create `ExecHandlerBuilder`, `JavaExecHandlerBuilder`, `ExecAction` and `JavaExecAction` instances.

+review REVIEW-5806

Removed unnecessary modifier.

Shuffled around `WorkerFactory` implementations so that data about a particular worker is only provided via `prepareJavaCommand()` rather than in the factory's constructor.

+review REVIEW-5806

Moved performance test to correct category.

Removed some unnecessary modifiers.

GRADLE-3287 - Use @ option file instead of SecurityManager hack when launching worker process on Java 9.

This means that test execution should work ok under Jigsaw Java 9.

+review: REVIEW-5805

Initial pass at design spec for compile only dependencies

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Reflect latest API in spec

fix formatting

Add Gradle distribution to API for composite build participants

Add open issue

Fix typo

Update design doc for a composite build story

Update design doc for composite build

Merge specs into one

Add test coverage for multiple-builds in a composite

Open issues/questions outside of a single build composite

Single build composite build API and tests

Spec tidy-ups

Refinements to composite build feature spec

Remove unused ModelViewState#isCanReadChildren

This method and its sole implementation in DefaultModelViewState were

introduced in f47209ccfe743286b790b0a912399297167cad23 but never used.

This commit removes them as dead code, skipping deprecation as both

affected types are internal.

Refinements to composite build feature spec