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Merge pull request #4565 from gradle/hansd/docsWithCssPublication

Migrated build-comparison buildscript to Kotlin

Fix upToDate configuration for generatePom task

- Disable up to date checks

- Use internal annotation

Rebaseline Gradle build performance test

    • -1
    • +1
Fixed task property annotations for GeneratePom task

Add googletest fix for sample test

Implement googletest fix for Clang toolchains as well

Only apply fix for google test on linux

Fix resolution errors with the Gradle build.

- Added attributes to several configurations in the Gradle build

Fix google test integration test on GCC 5.4

Fixed problem in :tooling-api build caused by the new :docs publication

Merge pull request #4531 from gradle/gh/stable-native/vs-incremental

Make Visual Studio metadata generation tasks incremental

Commited missing files

Migrated build-comparison buildscript to Kotlin

- Added publication for css to docs

- Retrieve css as a project dependency

Add integration test for nested, decorated closure issue

Allow aggregating processors to have 0 originating elements

There is no reason to require at least one originating element.

An aggregating processor could be implemented in a way that it

still creates a file even if no sources where present at all.

It's certainly a corner case, but nothing that would break our


Add more test coverage for incremental processing

Simplify parallel metadata download

Previously, a single long-lived list was used repeatedly,

and cleared before each use. This performance optimization has been

removed; a new list is now created each time on-demand.

Bump minimum version of Gradle used for native perf tests

Bump minimum version to compare Swift perf tests against

Add Javadoc and explanatory comments to dep engine

Test resolving version conflicts in transitive dependencies

Add useful `toString()` for debugging purposes

Fixed srcDist tasks to include the new buildSrc structure

Converted base-services-groovy buildscript to Kotlin

Add build extension for source compatibility.

- Replace if statements in current Kotlin script with new extension property

Converted build-cache buildscript to Kotlin

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    • +55
Migrated gradle/publish.gradle to Kotlin

- Moved code to buildSrc

- Added a test for some of the functionality

- Removed some unnecessary execution time configuration

Fixed broken internal pdfUserguide task by excluding Xerces dependency

Merge pull request #4555 from gradle/bamboo/kotlin-dsl/prepare-for-0.16.1

Use a different workaround for Kotlin DSL `buildscript.sourceFile`

Inlined testSetup.gradle into root build script