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Reduce the number of file canonicalizations

This commit reduces the number of file canonicalizations which happen during the build in 2 ways:

- if the file we're manipulating has already been canonicalized, return it

- avoid canonicalization of the same file multiple times in `DefaultProjectDescriptor` and avoid to perform the canonicalization until required

Clean up cache integration tests

Fix warning with PluginUnderTestMetadata#pluginClasspath property

Extract test fixture for HttpBuildCache

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Error when a task defines both inputs/outputs and destroyables

Revert back to returning an Iterable using CollectionUtils

Fix test

Fix checkstyle

Apply plugins by id

See #351

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Return a List instead of Iterable

Polish Android sample with generated accessors

See #351

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Fix `hello-android` sample

Tested with Android Studio 2.3.1.

See #351

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Address code review comments

Fix formatting of release notes section

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Use PathMatcher directly

Using a Spec is another indirection and we can just save us the


Implement ConfigurableSnapshotter instead of Snapshot

A content hasher is not a snapshot but needs to be able to append its

configuration to a hasher. This is captured by the new interface


Update wrappers to latest snapshot distro

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Report cache key for loading failure

Factor cross-platform multiline matching in fixtures as a Matcher

To limit duplication in samples tests

Follow up on #345

Integration tests temporary folder uses the test method name

This allows for predictable root project name when it’s not specified

in the settings script

Follow up on #345

Clarify usage of cache key in CachingResourceHasher

Use recoverable/non-recoverable in error messages

Combine logging and short-circuiting build cache decorator

Blah, just ignore the new tests for tomorrow

+review REVIEW-6510

Fix Groovydoc tests with older version of Groovy

Fix windows tests again

+review REVIEW-6510

Add tests for composite and GradleBuild when cleaning up the build cache

+review REVIEW-6510

Changed the `GradleExecuter` fixtures to kill off any builds run using `start()` that are still running at the end of the test.

Removed some code no longer required now that attributes are considered compatible when missing.

Fix windows tests

+review REVIEW-6510