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Revert "Remove deprecation warning (#3264)"

This reverts commit e79b448ab367dc7ca7c4a96060748de097c96559.

Process lines in dependency file only once

Merge branch 'release'

Wait until daemon becomes idle before closing standard input pipe (#3270)

Merge pull request #563 from mkobit/plugin-publish-upgrade

Update to latest `com.gradle.plugin-publish` plugin that is compatibl…

Coverage for application of Plugin<Settings>

Settings can use buildscript dependencies

By moving kotlin script target decision up to the script plugin factory

in order to distinguish Project & Settings sub-block templates

(buildscript {} & plugins {}).

The script template now contributes to the compiled script cache key.

One side benefit is that now, script plugins can be applied to either

a Project or Settings.

Always generate `settings.gradle`

If not, when running a build in the performance project, Gradle may

search upwards to find the settings.gradle of the Gradle build itself

and start building buildSrc.

Increase memory for performance test

Increase default HTTP timeout to 30s (#3268)

Tests run with strict classloading enabled

Update wrappers to latest snapshot distro

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Fixed int tests for change to attribute name.

Renamed the usage attribute (not the class).

Added some test coverage.

Revert "Temporarily disable the use of the mirrors on CI."

This reverts commit b966bf98bfe9857386cb5285a9e571b041a7137a.

Temporarily disable the use of the mirrors on CI.

Changed the dependency resolution engine to understand to some degree the connections between the various modules of a component that is published across multiple modules, such as a C++ library or executable.

The publishing plugins no longer insert an artificial dependency between the main module and the other modules. The module metadata parser does this instead when it reads the metadata. This implementation is intentionally dumb and can be improved later without requiring changes to the metadata.

Add listener to delete cache

Signed-off-by: Bo Zhang <>

Source control sample

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Build-cache sample

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    • binary
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Demonstrate dependency substitution in composite build sample

Add samples missing from README list

Removed unused import.

Include more details in the module metadata file.

- Added the identity of the component contained in the current module, if any.

- Added connection back to the main module of the component, where the current module is not the main module.

- Added connection to the module that contains each variant, when the variant is not contained in the current module.

- Added size and content information for each file.

Merge pull request #3254 from gradle/donat/ci-health/repo-mirror-config

Make repo mirror URLs configurable via environmental variable

quasi-working google test task

Mention security upgrade in release note (#3259)

Mention security upgrade in release note

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Moved responsibility for generating the correct module metadata for a component that is published across multiple modules into the publish plugins, instead of hacking this together in the C++ plugin. The implementation is arguably still hackey but is now in a better home, where it can be reused by other plugins.

The module metadata generated for published C++ executables now includes the correct references to the debug and release variants, which are published to separate modules.

Added some test coverage to verify correct variant of C++ library binaries is selected.