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Dependencies with different artifact properties (like classifiers) are no longer collapsed into a single dependency for Ivy resolution.

Use one fewer threads per test worker process: - Split AsyncReceive out of AsyncDispatch. - Some renames

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Cleaned up some file related code: - Added Project.setBuildDir(object) and deprecated Project.buildDirName - Replaced a bunch of usages of GradleUtil with various Project methods - Jar uses DefaultTask.getTemporaryDir() instead of generating one itself

Fixed case where a subclass of TestSetup fails in setUp() or tearDown()

Changed Ivy ModuleDescriptors to contain all the configurations of the project. This is needed for some circular project dependencies.

Updated idea-plugin doc.

Improved configuration for idea plugin.

Upgraded to new idea plugin version.

Fixed broken int test

GRADLE-956 - Fixed UnsupportedOperationException in BTreePersistentIndexedCache

Create the worker process main jar on demand, rather than at build time.

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Moved gradle-imports out of the distribution and into gradle-core.jar as a resource.

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Updates for 0.9-preview-3

Updates in preparation for 0.9-preview-2

Updated to a new snapshot

Added idea plugin to list of plugins

Allow a little more time for MultithreadedTestCase.expectCompletesIn() to finish.

GRADLE-955 - Fixed exception when Test.workingDir is set to something other than an absolute File.

Updated idea plugins docs.

Updated idea plugins docs.

Updated idea plugins docs.

Upgraded to version 0.2 of the idea plugin.

GRADLE-953 - Fixed terminal detection on windows 64-bit jvm

Added more documentation to the idea plugin.

Update idea plugin doc.

Updated Gradle to new idea plugin version. Updated idea plugin user's guide.

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Updated version info

Updated training sessions

Some updates for 0.9-preview-2 release

Made the timeout a little larger for MultithreadedTestCase.expectCompletesIn()