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Merge branch 'master' into hansd/migrateCodeQualityConfiguration

# Conflicts:

# buildSrc/build.gradle.kts

# buildSrc/src/main/kotlin/accessors/accessors.kt

Make single origin processors incremental

Record the origin->generated type mapping from the Filer

API and recompile generated types when their origin changes.

Delete stale .java files in addition to stale .class files.

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Allow multiple originating elements from the same type

Gradle tracks dependencies among types, not between individual

methods or other members. This means that there is no problem

if a single-origin annotation processor provides multiple

originating elements if they all come from the same type.

Ignore test class only when it's a class inside @Nested class

This fixes

Previously we only pass top-level classes to JUnit 5, which might cause

issues. This PR fixes this behaviour: only ignore classes inside @Nested


Convert `ciReporting` to Gradle

Polish ClassSetAnalysisData & friends

Replaced null-checks with null object and

merged a few redundant if-conditions.

Recompile when annotation processor path changes

This fixes a corner case where removing the last

annotation processor can leave stale generated files

around. This is because the next compilatin will be

incremental and only react to input files that actually


This is a highly unlikely case in practice, as removing

an annotation processor that is still in use would usually

break the code anyway. The more important reason to do this

change is that it will be required for incremental annotation

processing to work correctly.

Polish IncrementalResultStoringDecorator

Let the class analysis updater decide whether

an update is necessary. The analysis updater

will need even more information from the result

for incremental annotation processing, so this

change moves the data to the right place already.

Allow worker actions to return a custom result

This will be necessary to transferm annotation

processing information from the compiler worker

back to the main daemon. The Compiler API already

returns a WorkResult, but until now this result

was discarded and a standard result instance

was returned instead.

This change allows worker actions to implement

Callable<WorkResult> and lets the compiler daemons

make use of this. In subsequent changes the compiler

will use a custom subclass that exposes more information.

This change does not affect the public WorkerExecutor API.

Merge pull request #4437 from gradle/lptr/build-cache/improve-local-cache

Improve local cache

Converted eclipse and idea scripts to Kotlin

Merge pull request #4429 from gradle/hansd/migrate-IDE-scripts-to-Kotlin

Polish ide-configuration plugin types

by fixing formatting and imports

and introducing used buildSrc accessors

and simplifying some expressions

and using kotlin-stdlib more

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Handle exceptions in JUnit 5 test engine initialization

This fixes

Previously in Gradle, test execution are class-based, which means a "TestClassStart" event will

be emitted before all test cases and a "TestClassEnd" event will be emitted after all test cases

(no matter they're failed or successful). In JUnit 5, if an exception occurs before "TestClassStart"

event (e.g. exceptions in test engine initialization), some event assertions will be violated.

In this situation, this PR will emit corresponding "TestClassStart/TestClassEnd" event to make

Gradle test event infrastructure happy.

Revert jsoup upgrade from test dependencies

It should be updated alongside build logic dependencies in buildSrc/build.gradle.kts

But this would impact documentation generation and would better be in a separate PR

Initialize outputStream in setup method

so the re-run rule resets the output stream

Removed private from script variables

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Merge branch 'master' into hansd/migrateCodeQualityConfiguration

Revert "Run initializers in RetryRule (#4469)"

This reverts commit 76ec7e5

Signed-off-by: Bo Zhang <>

Migrate code quality configuration to Kotlin.

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Ignore powermock test on Java 9

Make troubleshooting docs actually useful

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Run initializers in RetryRule (#4469)

Incorporate changes from code review.

Use Gson instead of Jackson for Json databinding

Migrated buildSrc modules/cleanup and remaining Java classes to Kotlin.

Merge pull request #4401 from gradle/hansd/buildSrcToKotlin

Resolved merge conflicts

Merge branch 'master' into hansd/migrate-IDE-scripts-to-Kotlin

# Conflicts (resolved):

# build.gradle

# buildSrc/build.gradle.kts

Add test case showing limitation of the current implementation of capabilities

The current implementation of "capability discovery" works well if everyone agrees on the version

to use. However, if they do not, but that a module which gave a preference is evicted (by version

conflict, typically), then the constraint is still kept in memory, and we fail. This can be solved

by adding rules to remove the preference (not implemented yet).

Expose `javax.annotation` for build scripts

We already expose `javax.annotation` via `gradleApi()`.

Merge branch 'master' into hansd/buildSrcToKotlin