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Change the `init` task to reuse the build script generator infrastructure to generate the Gradle settings file for a Maven build, rather than creating a string with ad hoc formatting.

Minor tweak to layout of prompt used to ask user to select an option from a list.

Change `init` task so that it uses a default source package name that is derived from the project name, rather than an empty package name.

Use null-safe operator to fix flaky test #1425


This is an attempt to fix #1425. We simply apply Groovy's null-safe operator to see if it works.

Revert "Fix customLogger Kotlin DSL sample and enable test"

This reverts commit 4fc760927bbf23848309ab310e02c07789e823d7.

Change the `init` task to generate a simple `.gitignore` file in the build's root directory.

Refactor the build init infrastructure to distinguish between initializers that generate a Gradle build from some existing build and those that generate a new build an supporting files from scratch.

Mark test as leaking files.

Improve the `init` task when in interactive mode when a Maven build is present in the current directory, by first asking the user if they would like to generate a Gradle build for the Maven build. If the user answers 'yes', proceed without asking any further questions. If the user answers 'no', only then ask the user to select which type of build they would like to create.

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Allow the user to be prompted with a yes/no question that has a default response.

Merge branch 'release' into 'master'

Change the `init` task to default to Kotlin DSL when generating Kotlin builds.

Do not use an isolated user home dir for build init tests, to avoid downloading all of the external tools on each test invocation.

Merge branch 'cc/dm/issue-6403' into release


Change the `init` task to improve the interactive experience when converting a Maven build.

- Do not suggest `pom` as a build type when there is no `pom.xml` present, as the conversion makes no sense in this case.

- Do not prompt for a DSL or project name when converting a Maven build, as these are not supported or ignored by the Maven build conversion.

- When the `--project` or `--package` options are used with the `init` task, fail when the selected build type does not support these options, e.g. when converting to Maven build.

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Simplify test case for #6403

Rename 'DependencyMetadata.isPending()` -> `isConstraint()`

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Fix debug output scraping when a prompt is present.

Fix running kotlin init tests on Java 7.

Fix customLogger Kotlin DSL sample and enable test

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release'

* origin/release:

Bump to later version of 4.10 for build-scan compatibility

Bump to later version of 4.10 for build-scan compatibility

Merge pull request #6407 from gradle/lacasseio/lazy/task-replacement

Improve task replacement with registered task

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Test permutations of forced platforms

In order to make sure ordering doesn't matter when resolving "forced"

platforms, test permutations of dependencies. This introduces a bit

of overhead in testing, that should be removed at some point.

Ignore Kotlin sample for now

The sample fails with



^ Symbol is declared in module 'java.base' which does not export package 'kotlin'


So it seems like some module path problem.

Bump to later version of 4.10 for build-scan compatibility

Fix Kotlin custom logger sample

Update Android Soak test to AGP 3.1.4

AGP < 3.1 is not supported any more by Gradle 5.0.

Update Android Soak test to AGP 3.1.4

AGP < 3.1 is not supported any more by Gradle 5.0.

Merge pull request #6387 from gradle/gh/lazy-tasks/lazy-default-artifact

Make DefaultArtifactPublicationSet use a lazy provider