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Fix link to task timeouts section

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Fix link to task timeouts section

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Reintroduce some limited synchronization for configuration resolution

This ensures that only one thread is resolving the graph of a given

configuration at a time.

When we step over to other projects while resolving configurations, we

will release the current project lock. This can allow other tasks to

start running. When they do, there can be issues when they try to

continue resolving the graph of the same configuration as the first

task. For example, a beforeResolve hook can cause the project lock

to be released (perhaps by resolving another configuration) and then

another task can put the configuration in an unexpected state before

the project lock can be reacquired..

Remove application plugin from misbehaving plugins

The application plugin now creates and references tasks lazily. As such,

the plugin can be removed from the list of misbehaving plugins in


Signed-off-by: Kevin Macksamie <>

Use lazy task API in the application plugin

Signed-off-by: Kevin Macksamie <>

Exclude application plugin from behaved plugins

With the ApplicationPluginIntegrationTest inheriting the tests from

WellBehavedPluginTest, it fails the "does not realize all possible

tasks" test. In order to make the test pass, the application plugin must

be included in the list of misbehaving plugins inside that test. This

confirms that the application plugin in its current state is not lazy.

Signed-off-by: Kevin Macksamie <>

Re-enable compatibility check

Revert "Revert "Clean accepted API changes""

This reverts commit 878b0ec5aa22ce6baa99f2536277cd0489a1d223.

Ignore broken tests

add test

Signed-off-by: Dan Sanduleac <>

Unblock CI by temporarily disabling binary check

We're trying to compare milestone vs unreleased RC

Test app plugin like other well behaved plugins

The application plugin neither creates its tasks lazily nor references

other tasks lazily (e.g., the `jar` task). Making the

ApplicationPluginIntegrationTest inherit from WellBehavedPluginTest

exposes this problem by showing that the plugin fails the "does not

realize all possible tasks" test.

Signed-off-by: Kevin Macksamie <>

Publish 5.0-milestone-1

Verify tests running in modular Java can access SLF4j

Use the daemon for native parallel tests

Take advantange of plugin accessors in samples

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Merge pull request #1162 from gradle/bamboo/fix-default-package-task-accessors

Generate compilable accessors for tasks with types in the default package

Allow nicer constants for architecture tests

Parse Gradle public API

Generate compilable accessors for tasks with types in the default package

By explicitly importing task types from the default package in

the generated code.

Resolves #1158

Always realize configurations

as they can be used in fallback when attribute matching fails.

Fix "platform owners" not being serialized

Rebase `JavaFirstUsePerformanceTest` test on latest release nightly

Publish 5.0-20181002175355+0000

Rebase `JavaFirstUsePerformanceTest` on latest nightly

Some more changes

Don't share dependencyResolutionListeners with copied configuration

Signed-off-by: Dan Sanduleac <>

Rebaseline JavaNonABIChangePerformanceTest

See gradle/gradle-private#1564

Make CompileOptions.annotationProcessorPath default to null

Convert `model-groovy` build script to Kotlin

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