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Clarifying the docs of rule-based model configuration

Normalization shouldn't be needed

+review REVIEW-5839

Normalization shouldn't be needed

+review REVIEW-5839

Get rid of ShortCircuitEmptyScriptCompiler

This commit removes `ShortCircuitEmptyScriptCompiler` that was causing unnecessary reads of build script contents, while on the other hand being pretty weak in detecting empty scripts.

Removed the now unused 'app-in-isolated-classloader' worker process ClassLoader strategy.

This strategy is more flexible in terms of process reuse than the 'app-in-system-classloader', but it's flexibility we're not using at this stage.

Backslashes are turned into slahes

+review REVIEW-5839

Fix directory

+review REVIEW-5839

Users need to indicate that they intend to use automatic classpath wiring

- makes it work less magical

- allows better documentation

- better error reporting

- better control and more flexibilty when testing Gradle versions < 2.8

+review REVIEW-5839

Revert the merge of #574 Delete will not follow symlinks.

+review REVIEW-5852

- This broke some integration tests. I will figure out why

and put everything back.

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Reuse caching file snapshotter for build scripts

This commit introduces reuse of the caching file snapshotter for build scripts. A consequence

is that this caching file snapshotter is now always created, independently of the fact we're

using the daemon or not. The path to get a compiled script however still includes getting the

contents of a script, just in case the file is "empty".

Recognize ethankhall for fixing Deletes following symlinks.

+review REVIEW-5852

- This addresses GRADLE-2892

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This merges pull request #574 into master.

+review REVIEW-5852

- This will stop Delete tasks from following symlinks by default.

Protect maven version probing from system's environment variables

+review REVIEW-5848

Normalize bullet point usage in release notes

- Pick a bullet point style ('-') and use it consistently

- Indent bullets by one space from their enclosing context

See also: 2fee1330d53b71972734261d88dcd7ed0b930a33

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Refine release notes for experimental software model

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Format test sources for readability

Merge branch 'do-not-follow-symlinks' of into ethankhall-do-not-follow-symlinks

+review REVIEW-5852

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Move the Scala possible breaking changes around a little.

+review REVIEW-5829

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Add explicit option setting for now-deprecated options.

+review REVIEW-5829

- This makes the tests more resilliant in face of future changes to

how these configuration options are calculated.

Added a couple more stories to 'faster builds' feature.

Fixed int test for changes to worker process ClassLoader hierarchy.

Always use the app-in-system-classloader ClassLoader strategy for worker processes.

Removed empty constructors.

Simplified ClassLoader hierarchy used in app-in-system-classloader worker processes.

Makes these worker processes start much faster. This kind of worker process is used for test workers and compiler daemons.

Another try to fix CI failure

+review REVIEW-5839


fix cross version tests

Try to fix CI failure

+review REVIEW-5839

Remove printlns from test

+review REVIEW-5856

Don't mock in test

+review REVIEW-5856