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Add a few notes about outstanding problems

Improve code structure and add documentation

TeamCity change in 'Gradle :: Util :: Performance' project: runners of 'AdHoc Performance Scenario - Linux' build configuration were updated

Remove redundant `public` modifiers

Add nullability annotations to `org.gradle.api`

By introducing the `NonNullApi` annotation, marking the whole

package as nonnull by default and explicitly adding `@Nullable` to the

required methods.

Resolves gradle/kotlin-dsl#420

Resolves gradle/kotlin-dsl#403

fix unit test after reworking recorder handling

Cleanup test thread after test finished

Merge pull request #2728 from gradle/rbo/strongly-typed-maven

Add `Action<T>` overloads to `maven` plugin API

Catch more maven distribution download issues

We also encountered a `JsonException` here.

Turn 'kill existing processes' back into a task

This extends commit 31f3f3f71ad32d877edce203ae13d59238fdebf2.

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Remove incoming distribution concept

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Remove incoming distribution concept

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Really remove taskCacheDetailedDiagnosticsInit.gradle

+review REVIEW-6564

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Change performance test Maven version to 3.5.0 (latest release)

Remove taskCacheDetailedDiagnosticsInit.gradle

All the information is now present in build scans.

We shouldn't use our own statistics script any more.

+review REVIEW-6564

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Allow retries in maven downloader test

In case of connection timeouts.

Make sure old Gradle processes are killed before any clean task runs

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Add some @UsedByScanPlugin info.

Merge pull request #2751 from gradle/jj/logging/configure-stacktrace

Respect --stacktrace for additional failures logged in afterEvaluate()

Only apply integ testing scripts when project has integ tests (#2752)

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Added a property on the relevant project extension to hold the link libraries for a C++ or Swift component, similar to the header include path or module import path. Changed the plugins to use this.

Added some specific types to represent C++ executable, Swift executable and library.

Moved creation of Swift compile task up to `SwiftBasePlugin`, triggered when a `SwiftComponent` is added to the project's components. Removes some duplication from the Swift executable and library and XCTest plugins.

Moved creation of C++ compile task up to `CppBasePlugin`, triggered when a `CppComponent` is added to the project's components. Removes some duplication from the C++ executable and library plugins.

Changed the `SwiftComponent` and `CppComponent` implementations to use their name to calculate their default source directories and removed special setup from the XCTest plugin.

Changed each of the C++ and Swift plugins to register a component in the project's components container to represent the application/library/test suite that the plugin adds to the project.

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Fixed merge issue.

Moved `SwiftComponent` to o.g.language.swift package.

Merge branch 'master' into issue1789