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Further reworking external resource APIs to remove `ExternalResourceRepository.getResource()` and corresponding `ExternalResource.close()`.

Now, all `ExternalResource` implementations are live, rather than some implementations being live and some being an awkward one shot instance.

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Remove reference to worker API in release notes

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Upgrade gradle-script-kotlin {0.9.0 => 0.9.1}

Including the change to extend `AbstractPluginServiceRegistry` instead

of `PluginServiceRegistry`.

See #2054

Make rich console tests also work with the embedded executer

Merge branch 'release' into master

Fix copy'n'paste gone wrong in the release notes

Add 0.9.1 release notes

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Bump version number {0.9.1 => 0.10.0-SNAPSHOT}

Mention Gradle Script Kotlin v0.9.0 in the release notes

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Fix integration test

Revert "Fix integration tests"

This reverts commit 0cb871df611096494ae24cd9b3a57ab8d1d9e3b1.

Revert "Log the task when there’s an uncaught exception during execution"

This reverts commit d3790d4f63c484447487b2fbe41fdc907665d41d.

Prepare 0.9.1 release

Clarify why we have a new method

KotlinScriptServiceRegistry extends AbstractPluginServiceRegistry

Fix integration tests

Clarify that the task path is not an input

Update wrappers to latest snapshot distro

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Remove build operation listener at end of build

This prevents problems when applying the same custom values script to


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Bump ci-health plugin versions to v0.35

Bump ci-health plugin versions to v0.35

Convert jmock test to spock

Add a small project to the performance test suite and update scenarios

This is to support the performance page.

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Replace line erasures before even parsing, as they can vary based on how large the progress bar is. (#2118)

Log name of task experiencing problems with (un)packing its results

Previously we logged the name of the offending property, but not the task name.

Log the task when there’s an uncaught exception during execution

Previously if there was an exception during task execution, we didn’t always log the task name with the exception.

Increase memory for the daemon

The Gradle build needs more than 1G for some more demanding tasks

like a parallel `quickCheck`.

This change also reduces the client VM memory to something reasonable.

It was set to 2G before because we were running the build in the client

VM on CI. Instead we will now be forking single-use daemons on CI, which

only adds ~500ms per build and interoperates better with the memory being

defined in

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Polish release notes

+review REVIEW-6541

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Rename org.gradle{.api.resources -> }.normalization

+review REVIEW-6540

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Annotate more non public APIs used by the build scan plugin and add clarifying comments.