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Collect hashes produced while calculating class path snapshot into a list instead of concatenating them into an array

+review REVIEW-5411

Sync the daemon dirs between the --stop call and the actual work.

Inline ClassLoaderCacheFactory into GlobalScopeServices

+review REVIEW-5411


Use CachingFileSnapshotter in HashClassPathSnapshotter to avoid unnecessary hashing of classpath files on classloader cache access

+review REVIEW-5411

Don't search up when benchmarking with the tooling API.

Don't use Java 8 API.

Don't coerce a string to an enum for a property set if the setter method doesn't take the property enum type.

Add a performance benchmark variant that executes through the tooling API.

Port s3 IO to use the AWS S3 SDK - Now supports AWS v4 signing for buckets in germany and china - Adds some documentation on s3 system properties - No longer uses a HTTP HEAD method to get metadata (in order to support V4 signatures)


Disable on the fly compilation of Groovy classes located in external scripts when compiling build scripts

+review REVIEW-5410

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Changed performance test index page so that empty columns are not included. Added some unit test coverage for the result stores.

Remove unnecessary String.format().

Precompute AbstractTask.toString().

Add default build script imports via CompilerConfiguration instead of AST

+review REVIEW-5410

Renamed some methods in performance test results types.

Generate the html and json for individual performance tests into a subdirectory, to make it easier to find index.html

Improve efficiency of string to enum conversion for property setting.

Don't go looking for potential transforms until the dispatch fails and only go looking if property types match.

Avoid unnecessary format string parsing.

Copy the execution plan into a queue that we can trim down as we process it.

Remove some dead code

+review REVIEW-5391

Add default build script imports via AST instead of script text to avoid the cost of parsing them

+review REVIEW-5410

Remove non waiting tasks from the execution plan.

This is a performance optimisation. Previously, every time we needed a task to execute we started iterating linearly through the execution plan looking for the next waiting/runnable task. When the execution plan is large, this means visiting a lot of tasks necessarily and linear growth on the time it takes to find a task to execute relative to how far along we are in the plan.

For now try to determine if we can resolve the javac executable for available JDK.

+review REVIEW-5397

Replacing external module dependency with project dependency keeps the configuration

DependencyMetaData.withTarget keeps the transitive and changing flags

Use different JDKs for subprojects. Use a real library as import for compiled classes.

+review REVIEW-5397

Allow arbitrary types that extend the given type.

+review REVIEW-5397

Can reuse existing concurrency functionality from ConcurrentSpec.

+review REVIEW-5397