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Publish source JAR for Tooling API again.

Merge branch 'master' of

Add integration coverage for TestNG configfailurepolicy option support. Mention Spencer Wood as a contributor.

+review REVIEW-5274

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Remove unused TwirlCoverage definition

Groundwork for play coffeescript support

+review REVIEW-5272

Move creation of PlayApplicationRunner to PlayToolProvider

+review REVIEW-5261

Initial work on scala-lang support

+review REVIEW-5273

fix integTest

Change snippets in MavenPublication to conform to Maven's convention of using "sources" as the classifier for source jars - it's less confusing for readers this way.

use MultiPlayVersionIntegrationTest in RoutesCompileIntegrationTest

+review REVIEW-5258

port TwirlCompileIntegrationTest to use MultiPlayVersionIntegrationTest

- use explict platforms declared by PlayApplicationPlugin

+review REVIEW-5258

Generate OSGi compatible manifest for Tooling API.

Use hostname command as fallback way of getting build host name

- getHostName() may fail for number of reasons, for example when

networking is disabled or network is down.

- hostname command is a portable way of determining host name,

which doesn't depend on networking to be available.

enable play run integtests for non-windows boxes

-fix run integTest for CustomPlayApp

+review REVIEW-5258

Elaborating story for play coffeescript compilation

+review REVIEW-5272

test play app is running in common AbstractPlayAppIntegrationTest

- remove PlayRunIntegrationTest

- remove unused playNew resources

- remove unused method in PlayRun

- remove explicit log level setup (debug) in PlayApplicationRunner


- fix test on windows

- fix CustomPlayApp sample to run correctly

Add basic unit tests rules in PlayApplicationPlugin

- add test for 'createTestTasks' Rule

+review REVIEW-5263

remove println in MultiVersionSpecRunner

+review REVIEW-5258

Add fixture for play app with failing tests

- some restructuring of integtest packages/code

- delete unused resources for custom and play new app

+review REVIEW-5258

  1. … 36 more files in changeset.
run AbstractPlayAppIntegrationTest for multiple versions

- split out viewSources in PlayApp

+review REVIEW-5258

test still failing on windows. need to investigate

Fix snippets in MavenPublication so that they configure artifacts and not tasks

Show behavior when having a mix of tasks with same and different groups

+review REVIEW-5266

Remove println's.

Simplify schema extraction for managed types with super types.

+review REVIEW-5265

Porting "Play New" sample app into PlayApp fixture


- restructure play integtests to use PlayPapp fixtures

- remove play new resources

+review REVIEW-5258

Split test for classpath updater.

move SourceFile fixture into common internal-integ-testing

- allow usage from non native projects

+review REVIEW-5258

  1. … 16 more files in changeset.
Fix :toolingApi:{test,integTest,forkingIntegTest}.

Need to put patch JAR resource into some package to avoid problems with

filtering classloaders.