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Merge branch '' of into

add --ansi command line option and remove system property - option disables native terminal detection and enables ANSI escape encoding in the console output

Some more cleanup on PlayRun task

- let toolprovider setup the needed play dependencies

- inline don't handle docs classpath in playspec

+review REVIEW-5261

Rename the file back back into the expected casing

Rename a file so that it's possible to then change the name back into the expected casing

Publish source JAR for Tooling API again.

Merge branch 'master' of

Add integration coverage for TestNG configfailurepolicy option support. Mention Spencer Wood as a contributor.

+review REVIEW-5274

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Remove unused TwirlCoverage definition

Groundwork for play coffeescript support

+review REVIEW-5272

Move creation of PlayApplicationRunner to PlayToolProvider

+review REVIEW-5261

Initial work on scala-lang support

+review REVIEW-5273

fix integTest

Change snippets in MavenPublication to conform to Maven's convention of using "sources" as the classifier for source jars - it's less confusing for readers this way.

use MultiPlayVersionIntegrationTest in RoutesCompileIntegrationTest

+review REVIEW-5258

port TwirlCompileIntegrationTest to use MultiPlayVersionIntegrationTest

- use explict platforms declared by PlayApplicationPlugin

+review REVIEW-5258

Generate OSGi compatible manifest for Tooling API.

Use hostname command as fallback way of getting build host name

- getHostName() may fail for number of reasons, for example when

networking is disabled or network is down.

- hostname command is a portable way of determining host name,

which doesn't depend on networking to be available.

enable play run integtests for non-windows boxes

-fix run integTest for CustomPlayApp

+review REVIEW-5258

Elaborating story for play coffeescript compilation

+review REVIEW-5272

test play app is running in common AbstractPlayAppIntegrationTest

- remove PlayRunIntegrationTest

- remove unused playNew resources

- remove unused method in PlayRun

- remove explicit log level setup (debug) in PlayApplicationRunner


- fix test on windows

- fix CustomPlayApp sample to run correctly

Add basic unit tests rules in PlayApplicationPlugin

- add test for 'createTestTasks' Rule

+review REVIEW-5263

remove println in MultiVersionSpecRunner

+review REVIEW-5258

Add fixture for play app with failing tests

- some restructuring of integtest packages/code

- delete unused resources for custom and play new app

+review REVIEW-5258

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run AbstractPlayAppIntegrationTest for multiple versions

- split out viewSources in PlayApp

+review REVIEW-5258

test still failing on windows. need to investigate

Fix snippets in MavenPublication so that they configure artifacts and not tasks

Show behavior when having a mix of tasks with same and different groups

+review REVIEW-5266

Remove println's.