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Handle progress events without message (#1988)

Use /cache instead of /build-cache in build cache sample urls.


Add test for `ConfigurableFileCollection` delegated properties

See #344

Update wrappers to latest snapshot distro

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Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/ff-amend-build-cache-configuration' into release

Remove another reference of append=false for JaCoCo tests

+review REVIEW-6522

Use a configure task to add jvmArgs to Test

+review REVIEW-6524

Fix formatting of bullet list

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Add release notes for JaCoCo and build cache

+review REVIEW-6522

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Reword the clean-up strategy for the local build cache

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Polish documentation for normalization

+review REVIEW-6520

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Don't use "smart" lookup method in `DefaultServiceRegistry`

This method was an attempt to workaround problems accessing protected methods, but the generated lookup will

always be `DefaultServiceRegistry` and won't grant access to protected methods of subclasses of the registry.

As a consequence, method handles are only used on public accessible methods. It's worth noting that we should

probably make the contract for providers stronger, since calling `setAccessible(true)` will not be possible

anymore in JDK 9.

Merge pull request #1975 from gradle/ff-amend-build-cache-configuration

Introduce improvements to the Finalize Build Cache Configuration Build Operation

Refine settings files related validation error messages

Copy `build-receipt` for wrapper tests

Mention Jörn Huxhorn as a contributor

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Enable LIFECYCLE logging for all builds

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Using ArrayDeque instead of Stack. (#771)

Cache the factory element type

This commit adds caching of the factory element type: it was always recomputed, which is actually very expensive.

Reflect on tests that the Build Operation Descriptor Config doesn't accept nulls anymore.

Optimize invocation of service methods

So far, service methods were invoked through reflection. However, for each service, we could call `getGenericParameterTypes` several times

(for example, if the same service is created multiple times, typically project scope services), and we wouldn't cache the result of this

method call, whatever cost it has.

The `RelevantMethods` class now wraps the `Method` used in services into a `ServiceMethod` object that can be used for invocation. This

service method class has 2 possible backends:

- a method handle based backend, which should be faster than reflection because access check is going to be performed only once for all

- a reflection based backend, which is used as a fallback

Pass immutable normalization strategies object

Instead of passing around the mutable configuration for resource

normalization we create an immutable container for the

normalization strategies and use this instead.

+review REVIEW-6520

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Dedupe settings file search logic

Minimize exposure of DefaultScriptingLanguages

Update library versions in build init to latest for 4.1

Update version to 4.1

Clean release notes for 4.1

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Merge commit '136677338cef073cd5829164982f8ffdb882db5f' into release

Update a test that was covering an already fixed bug.