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Note OSGi compatibility of ToolingAPI in release notes.

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Note OSGi compatibility of ToolingAPI in release notes.

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Ignore/fix a bunch of tests now that model elements can't be inserted at nested paths in the graph (i.e. they must be inserted via the parent).

The ignored tests will be fixed and unignored soon.

+review REVIEW-5264

Allow '-' in model link names, at least for now.

+review REVIEW-5264

Change model registry storage from being a table of opaque objects, to a graph of properties.

This doesn't quite satisfy the story goal of being able to target rules to nested properties, because we don't know about the nested properties until we create the objects. If we are using by-type bindings then we don't know that we need to create the parent object. To solve this we need to start populating the graph when something is registered (i.e. insert it in a kind of pending state, with its links also in a pending state) and then only populate the data when the node is “initialised”.

We are also only respecting one level of depth at the moment. That is, we treat (as far as the model graph is concerned) the properties of managed elements as unmanaged. Later stories will make this fully “transitive”.


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Play docsClassLoader now is the same as classLoader

The reason is that the classes will not be the “same” and on reflection


avoid magic strings

+review REVIEW-5263

Initial setup of testBinary task to run play app tests

+review REVIEW-5263

Reset the release notes.

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Fixed typo.

GRADLE-3194 - Fallback to using the machine's local addresses as the remote addresses, when the local host name cannot be resolved to an IP address (eg when offline).

Next release is 2.2.1

update spec on test support for play

major cleanup on PlayApplicationPlugin

- dont apply scalabase plugin

- remove any logic PlayApplicationPlugin#apply

- configure scalaCompile task explicitly

- use zinc compiler

- let PlayToolChain#select return PlayPlatformProvider. We can use this to provide play specific tools.

+review REVIEW-5246

Convert PlayPlatform to a @Managed type

- Added setters for various properties on PlayPlatformInternal

- This includes setting name and displayName

- Create 2 instances and add to PlatformContainer by model path

- Removed unused implementation

Rework the priority order of work in the Play-support design spec

More IDE friendly sample.

Make integrationTest task exposed as public in ToolingAPI.


Mention Michal Srb as a contributor

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Pull bouncycastle dependencies into dependencies file so their coordinates and version are defined in one place only

minor cleanup on playrun task

+review REVIEW-5261

Improved error message.

Added TODOs

use default memory settings for scalaCompile to check if this is a resonable default


Construct exception message only if the exception will be thrown

block play run task; update integration test

+review REVIEW-5261

Added some context to error message when component selection or metadata rule fails with an exception.

Garbage collected a completed story.

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Move repository config into test setup

Spec updates for Play support