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Some work-arounds to improve the behaviour of the interactive prompts used by the `init` task. Ideally, the console infrastructure would better handle the prompts but this requires some deeper changes. The work-arounds allow us to try out the interactive behaviour and can be fixed later.

Tweak prompts and messages for the `init` task.

Do not include a dependency on both kotlin stdlib and kotlin jdk 8 stdlib in generated kotlin projects.

Accept breaking change on `InitBuild` task type.

Fix integration tests

Update release notes with more task replacement deprecations

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Make replacing an incompatible type a deprecation only

Update release notes to mention new features and deprecation.

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Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release'

* origin/release:

Use the 'proper' version for the 1.16-rc-1 plugin

Upgrade build-scan plugin for gradle build to 1.16-rc-1

Remove usages of `StartParameter.interactive` and deprecate the getter and setter.

Move the 'interactive' flag that is passed from the client to daemon so that it lives in only one place. The flag is still on `StartParameter` but is unused and should later be deprecated and removed.

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Keep changes to domain object providers for task replacement in task providers

Polish release notes for task replacement

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Remove unused class.

Merge branch 'master'

Merge pull request #6417 from gradle/timyates/upgrade-scan-plugin-to-1.16-rc-1

Upgrade build-scan plugin for gradle build to 1.16-rc-1

Fix customLogger sample

Use the 'proper' version for the 1.16-rc-1 plugin

-- Enterprise releases are 10% more releasey

Merge branch 'release'

Fix failing test

The output on release had one more line compared

to master.

Upgrade build-scan plugin for gradle build to 1.16-rc-1

Merge branch 'release'

Remove special jar handling from WellBehavedPLuginTest

Roll back change to handle removal of sourceSets.main

Removing sourceSets.main will leave other stuff weirdly configured and

requires a bit more configuration to be done properly. Handling the

effect on the jar task should be part of that additional configuration.

Pull a few more expections off of WellBehavedPluginTest

Allow docs DSL samples to be switched when viewing locally

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Fix incorrect conflict detection

Whenever 2 selectors agree on the version to use but one of them

is not a "shortcutting" selector, we created a conflict, instead

of checking if they agreed before.

Fixes #6403

Add Kotlin DSL samples for the logging user manual chapter

It leverages a new include::sample asciidoctor macro.

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Remove wrong throws declaration

Tweak the prompts used by the `init` task.