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Copy jflags to new javadoc options

+review REVIEW-6462

Update the release note for 3.4.1

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Fail the HttpBuildCache on UnknownHostException

We considered this recoverable and it is not.

+review REVIEW-6461

Mention er-han contribution in the release note

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Use cleanup to revert the Locale back

Mention plugin management in release notes

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Read username and password for DC from system properties

+review REVIEW-6461

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Define output dir for clean task

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Mention tbroyer contribution in the release notes

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Construct description of dispatching build cache in constructor

+review REVIEW-6455

Lowercase test method names

+review REVIEW-6460

Adjust version bound for cross-version TAPI test

+review REVIEW-6460

Don't use Java 7 style string switch statement

+review REVIEW-6460

Update wrapper to latest nightly

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Handle line wrapping

Line wrapping has special handling in a terminal. They have separate

terminal row indexes just like regular lines of text with new lines.

However, when a user resizes the terminal, the wrapped lines will unwrap

collapsing the rows by shifting the output.

Gradle keeps its own state of the terminal. This state isn't aware when

a line wrap. Since wrapped lines are indexable, we overwrite part of the

line data thinking we are writing the next line. When the wrapped line

unwraps, the data written will be part of that unwrapping row resulting

in worst artifacts in the display.

The line wrapping problem with the parallel console is two-fold: 1) Data

is lost as we overwrite part of the wrapped lines and 2) resizing the

terminal will show even worst artifact.

These problems were fixed by detecting when a line is wrapping and

moving the cursor closer to the terminal origin. When the cursor hit the

bottom of the terminal, new lines are automatically added. We don't

adjust the columns of the cursor to support unwrapping of the line.

Fix test for GroovyDoc output being retained

Wordsmithing of description of build cache configuration

+review REVIEW-6455

Replace deprecated type

Merge branch 'release'

EclipseModeBuilder can parse access rule literals

This commit resolves

+review REVIEW-6460

Add dependency tree generator

Bumped Groovy to 2.4.9

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Re-enable test

+review REVIEW-6457

Add sample on how to enable support for Kotlin coroutines

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Cleanup build operations when using two caches

We had a strange hierarchy of build operations when using two caches.

This is why we do not create build operations for the

DispatchingBuildCacheService anymore. While I was at it I also combined

the Lenient decorator with the ShortCircuiting decorator. I also needed

to add the description of the cache to the error message since we fail

if there are two build operations of the same name.

+review REVIEW-6455

Polish pluginManagement DSL

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Use a temporary file to push to two caches

This is probably the easiest solution how to solve the problem to

push to two caches. Introducing some internal API on the LocalCache

to be able to write through proved difficult for our series of


+review REVIEW-6455

Move disabling worker daemons expiration to GradleExecuter fixture

Follow up on post-merge #1489 review items

Compare class names instead of class objects in retry rule

Different classloaders might be involved.

Reused the cached results of artifact transforms across build invocations.