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Remove unused code

The previous commit made this code unused.

+review REVIEW-6303

Simplify code: OutputFilesSnapshotter

This class doesn't need to be a bona fide FileCollectionSnapshotter - all it did anyway was to delegate those methods to a real FileCollectionSnapshotter. Untie this.

+review REVIEW-6303

Replace usage of Guava in TAPI integration test

- fix "NoClassDefFoundError: com/google/common/base/Throwables"

+review REVIEW-6309

Reorganize test code

+review REVIEW-6303

Revert "Don't assume exception is a RuntimeException"

This reverts commit 94fcd10f291c24bcc223f957c7de43068b0441a4.

+review REVIEW-6309

Add Gradle Script Kotlin v0.3.3 to the release notes

    • -0
    • +8
Remove outdated comment

Inline single-use interface method for FileCollectionSnapshotter

+review REVIEW-6303

Simplify FileCollectionSnapshotter interface

We don't need a method on the interface just to return a constant.

+review REVIEW-6303

Merge branch 'release'

Make tests that close the TAPI (via reset()) require an isolated daemon

+review REVIEW-6310

Ignore non-queryable devices when finding own IP addresses

This was the probably cause of a flaky test which failed with


Caused by: java.lang.RuntimeException: Could not determine the IP addresses for network interface vethdf3543b

at org.gradle.internal.remote.internal.inet.InetAddresses.analyzeNetworkInterface(

at org.gradle.internal.remote.internal.inet.InetAddresses.analyzeNetworkInterfaces(

at org.gradle.internal.remote.internal.inet.InetAddresses.<init>(

at org.gradle.internal.remote.internal.inet.InetAddressFactory.init(

at org.gradle.internal.remote.internal.inet.InetAddressFactory.getLocalBindingAddress(

... 58 more

Caused by: No such device

at org.gradle.internal.remote.internal.inet.InetAddresses.analyzeNetworkInterface(

... 62 more


The test was `UserGuideSamplesIntegrationTest#scalaCrossCompilation`

+review REVIEW-6311

Merge branch 'release'

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    • +9
Make tests that close the TAPI require an isolated daemon

`DefaultGradleConnector.close()` sends stop signals to associated

daemons. Thus it might stop a daemon still used by another running test.

+review REVIEW-6310

Use default classloader for serializing exception placeholders

+review REVIEW-6309

Simplify directory walking during file snapshotting

There's no need to separately collect data about existing and missing files.

+review REVIEW-6303

Fix native performance tests

Support reconstructing exception in PayloadSerializer

+review REVIEW-6309

Make exception replacing serialization work with subclasses

+review REVIEW-6309

Don't assume exception is a RuntimeException

+review REVIEW-6309

Test non serializable exceptions in TAPI model builders

- GRADLE-3307

+review REVIEW-6309

Use exception replacement in PayloadSerializer

+review REVIEW-6309

Move ExceptionPlaceholder classes to top level

+review REVIEW-6309

Ignore timing when it's whole seconds in test report

Most of the time we get "0.001s", but sometimes we get "0s" or "1s".

+review REVIEW-6290

Restore cached file dates to millisecond precision

This is to support file systems like Ext4 and NTFS that have a granularity finer than 1 second.

+review REVIEW-6308

Propagate build output to aid in debugging failures

Remove redundant conditional

Remove redundant modifiers

Polish `MultiprojectProjectAndTaskListIntegrationTest`

- Use same project refresh timeout for all tests

- Fix braces formatting