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Merge pull request #4592 from gradle/hansd/kotlin-dsl/gradlebuildJavaExtension

Refactored Kotlin gradlebuildJava extension into Gradle extension

Fix test failure on Java 9

Refactored Kotlin gradlebuildJava extension object into proper Gradle extension

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Merge pull request #4576 from gradle/wolfs/kotlin-dsl/ci-reporting-buildSrc-multiproject

Fix archiving artifacts for buildSrc test failures

Merge branch 'master'

Fix some files chapter integration tests

Merge pull request #4319 from gradle/sg/native/swift-properties

Convert more native tasks to use Provider API types

Test demonstrating bug in 'strictly' handling

When 2 different constraints choose the same version, only one of these constraints is considered when conflict resolution chooses between that

version and another. This means that a 'reject' constraint can be


Merge branch 'master' into working-with-files-docs

Fix and improve minor issues in files chapter

Warn against hard-coded file paths in files chapter

I added a new sub-section that describes in a general way the problems with

using hard-coded file paths in builds and provides the preferred alternatives.

Enable jsr305 nullability annotations on Kotlin subprojects

Upgrade Kotlin DSL {0.16.0 => 0.16.1}

Fix promotion build

Include 'revision' in fake ivy pattern

Fixes: gradle/gradle-private#1137

Create lookup table for macros and macro functions

Revert "Create repositories only when the configurations are actually resolved"

This reverts commit ff8ed703499fc1fff9f0ceabf3706cb5346dab88.

Use map for tracking type of property change

Merge pull request #4569 from gradle/hansd/integrationTesting

Deduplicated integration testing logic and moved it to Kotlin

Merge pull request #4588 from gradle/bamboo/kotlin-dsl/prepare-for-0.16.1-II

Prepare for Kotlin DSL upgrade to 0.16.1

Merge pull request #4566 from gradle/gh/fixes/native-console

Fix issue with TERM being set to null on bare metal agents

Merge pull request #4587 from gradle/sg/native/perf

Bump minimum version of native perf comparisons

Merge branch 'master' into bamboo/kotlin-dsl/prepare-for-0.16.1-II

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Rename some objects and methods for clarity

Fix issue where Xcode plugin fails during configuration when OS is different

Create repositories only when the configurations are actually resolved

This works around an issue where the repositories are also used to resolve

different configurations like `integTestCompile`, which clearly not need

those repositories. The consequence was that a lot of GET requests were

sent to, causing misses and slowdown during import of

the project.

Fixed bug in gradlebuild.ide plugin

- The plugin tried to access a removed extra property

Added some test coverage for `swiftpm-export` plugin.

Merge branch 'master' into hansd/integrationTesting

- Fixed merged conflicts due to reorg of buildSrc and removal of extra properties

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Delete obsolete build script

- Deleted groovyProject.gradle.kts

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