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Remove unnecessary code

Make TestNG build init test require Java 7 or later

Newest version of TestNG is not compatible with Java 6.

Ignore test temporarily

Failure on Java 6 is under investigation.

Use framework assertion in TestNG build init template

Refactor Build Init plugin after merging pull request

Add new feature to release notes

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Add community contribution to release notes

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Merge pull request #560 from calid/init-with-testng

Add `--with testng` java init modifier

Added contributor info for PR #493

+review REVIEW-5787

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Polish JUnitTestSuitePlugin

Removed unused rule input.

Make native InstallExecutable use target platform os

When cross compiling for a different operating system, the installation script

should be usable from the target os, not the os that is building the binary.

This is a cherry-pick of PR #493, which had merge conflicts and was inactive for a while.

+review REVIEW-5787

Removed the need to convert from a `ModelType` back to a `java.lang.reflect.Type` and simplified the various wrappers.

Avoid converting `ModelType` to `TypeToken` for several `ModelType` operations, including `getRawType()`, and `isAssignableFrom()`.

Do not prevent setting property when it's writable in some views

If multiple views define the same property, some read-only, some

writable, then we should not treat it as read-only.

+review REVIEW-5761

Add suite check to make purpose of other check clearer.

Move the new integration test to the correct source folder.


Use struct binding information when generating proxies

Use the pre-calculated method bindings to generate view proxies. With

this change some logic has been moved out from the proxy generator,

making it simpler.

It is now possible for the validation of extensible types (which is now

spread between instantiation, type registration and schema extraction)

to happen mostly in one place, where we have all the required context.

This change also opens up the possibility to remove `@Managed` as a

concept, and handle all view types the same way.

+review REVIEW-5761

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Updated story for responding the the opening & closing of Eclipse projects in Buildship

Fix test failure due to M2Installation not always getting initialized

Update design doc

Update design doc

Update continuous build improvements design doc

- simplify reporting of file changes

Lazily initialize M2Installation test fixture.

- Doing this eagerly messes up the TestNameTestDirectoryProvider because we are initializing it outside the scope of a feature method.

Fix typos in doc and cosmetics in samples

+review REVIEW-5783

Use .all instead of .beforeEach in internalViews sample

+review REVIEW-5783

give testng unit test different name than junit

distinguishes the two in the integration tests and more accurately

reflects TestNG naming conventions

Fix InternalViewSampleIntegTest

+review REVIEW-5783

Fix UserGuideSamplesIntegrationTest comment about running the tests

The previous command line would run all integ tests.

+review REVIEW-5783

Fix userguide output integ test

+review REVIEW-5783