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Introduce superclass for `IvyResolver` and `MavenResolver`

This superclass contains code handling parsing of Gradle metadata. It avoids duplication between the

two resolvers.

Fix classpath problem for validateTaskProperties

If GradleVersion is used, we need `` on the

classpath. Since it is a resource, it is only present on the runtime


Improve test coverage for `IvyResourcePattern`

Add condition to test which requires Java 8

Add condition to test which requires Java 8

Remove inexistent ExampleFilter

Remove inexistent ExampleFilter

Attempt to fix

This PR adds a guard for PipedInputStream to make sure it's safe to

read after being closed.

platformNative is OK, languageNative is broken

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Remove platformNative and testingNative subprojects from macOS build temporarily

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Fix output for user guide samples

More stylistic tweaks to make docs consistent with guides

- Consistent margin below paragraphs, code snippets, and lists

- Consistent code font display

Issue: gradle/dotorg-docs#61

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Accept change that is already in release branch

Compress verbose console output

Issue: #3325

Fix warnings about missing dependencies on Release Accept stage

Move abstract test back to `dependency-management` test fixtures

It depends on other fixtures in the `dependency-management` project.

Fixes for merge/rebase issues

Merge branch 'release' into 'master'

Merge pull request #3476 from gradle/sg/native/teamcity

Add build configurations for limited macOS agent builds

Make release notes TOC links standard dark blue

Improve layout and vertical rhythm for docs

This change improves readability of documentation pages in the

following ways:

- Reduce width of content area, making tracking a single line


- Unifies vertical rhythm and header styles with other Gradle


- Lots of stylistic tweaks that make the pages pleasant

- Uses system monospace font instead of Ubuntu Mono,

improving page speed and consistency with other Gradle sites

Issue: gradle/dotorg-docs#61

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Fix sample output

Provide an opt-in for experimental dependency management features

Opt-in to experimental dependency management features

Address review items

Merge pull request #3261 from gradle/gh/stable-native/improve-provider-messages

Improve error messages and test coverage for task dependency containers

Improve error messages for ToolingParameterProxy

ToolingParameterProxy#isValid is replaced by #validateParameter which instead

of returning a boolean indicating if the given Class<?> is a valid parameter

type, it throws an error with a precise description message if not valid.

Warn about annotations on private property

Further clarify some of the error messages for Provider as a task dependency

Merge pull request #3445 from gradle/wolfs/native-caching/less-memory-for-header-dependencies

Intern Headers

Reword a sentence