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Add incremental test coverage for system headers

Merge pull request #5068 from gradle/revert-4845-4672

Revert "Fail the build if a referenced init script does not exist"

Revert "Fail the build if a referenced init script does not exist"

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Merge pull request #4845 from patrikerdes/4672

Fail the build if a referenced init script does not exist

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Fix issue where system includes are not added to incremental compiler

Strip illegal access warnings one-by-one

Prior to this commit the regex used was greedy and thus deleted all

output between the start of the first and the end of the last illegal

access warning.

Add support for signing a collection of publications

Issue: #4943

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Fix documentation of PhasedBuildActionExecuter

Signed-off-by: Lucas Smaira <>

Handle BA failures in phased action runner

Move exception handling in case of failures in BuildActions from

ProviderConnection to ClientProvidedPhasedActionRunner.

Signed-off-by: Lucas Smaira <>

Remove unnecessary IgnoreIf annotation

Document deprecation if Signature.getToSignArtifact() in Release Notes

Issue: #4943

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Merge pull request #5060 from gradle/marc/fixes/more-robust-output-parsing

Ignore illegal access warnings emitted by the JVM when parsing the build outcome

Remove unused import

Rebaseline performance tests

- lock in recent native build improvements

- accept a minor regression in dependency resolution that will be fixed soon

- inline native baseline constant. Please use ./gradlew rebaselinePerformanceTests instead

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Bump to latest 4.8 nightly

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Introduce `integ-tests` project

And make generated code follow the kotlin-dsl coding conventions.

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Make `AbstractPluginTest` allow multiple plugin repositories

Polish `PrecompiledScriptPlugin`

- Inline unnecessary variable

Polish `PrecompiledScriptPluginTest`

Remove spurious empty line

Polish `plugins-experiments/build.gradle.kts`

Fix handling of duplicate nodes in dependency graph

Dependency locking would not filter out visited duplicate nodes causing

the lock file to have duplicate entries and lock validation to fail.

Improve dependency locking test coverage

Issue #4904

Reword release notes for systemIncludes

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Merge pull request #4886 from gradle/gh/stable-native/system-headers

Handle system headers differently on the command line for GCC

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Merge pull request #5036 from gradle/sg/lazy/stats

Lazy task configuration statistics

Fix new test

Merge pull request #5049 from gradle/oehme/performance/mirrors

Use repository mirrors in performance tests

Remove unused field

Ignore illegal access warnings when parsing the build outcome

Prior to this commit, JVM emitted warnings (e.g. for illegal access)

that were sometimes printed in the middle of the build outcome message

of integration tests caused tests to fail.