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Revert "Add release notes for JaCoCo and build cache"

This reverts commit 8f5cc168e72b970fbedee21194c30169163f2f27.

+review REVIEW-6522

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Revert "Remove another reference of append=false for JaCoCo tests"

This reverts commit e2c02630ceba4c041d06ca77c640d39438a342ac.

+review REVIEW-6522

Refine AntlrTask.setSource(FileTree) javadoc

Upgrade gradle-script-kotlin {0.8.0 => 0.9.0}

This release is now composed of 4 modules:

- gradle-script-kotlin: the scripting language provider

- gradle-script-kotlin-tooling-models: tooling api models for IDE


- gradle-script-kotlin-tooling-builders: tooling api model builders,

implemented as a separate jar so it can be loaded in the Gradle

extensions classpath as it depends on the jvm platform modules

- gradle-script-kotlin-compiler-plugin: Kotlin compiler plugin with the

Gradle Kotlin DSL customisations to Kotlin (currently only the

handling of the `org.gradle.api.HasImplicitReceiver` annotation)

gradle-script-kotlin-tooling-builders is added to the extensions

classpath as a _optional_ module because the external module jars are

not available on every project's test runtime classpath.

Address review items for Checkstyle configDir

+review REVIEW-6526

Document rationale for `distribution` configuration

Make test result reader more efficient

Decouple snapshot task inputs op result type from current structure (#2013)

Update wrappers to latest snapshot distro

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Enable artifactory publication on each sub-project

See #304

Reactivate Gradle vs Maven tests

Extract :test-fixtures and :samples-tests out of :provider

  1. … 50 more files in changeset.
Extract tooling-builders and tooling-models out of provider

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Move members shared by provider and tooling out of tooling members

Promote internal provider members used by tooling to public

Apply base plugin to root project to get the clean task

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release'

Emit a build operation describing task inputs and build cache key (#1996)

The new build operation encompasses all the file I/O and computation required to calculate the build cache key and any other snapshots. It also exposes the cache key itself, and the hashes of task inputs.

Merge pull request #2011 from gradle/ff-refine-enable-on-build-cache-configuration

Refine the concept of 'enable' on a Build Cache Configuration Connector.

Refine the concept of 'enable' on a Build Cache Configuration Connector.

Refine the concept of 'enable' on a Build Cache Configuration Connector.

Merge pull request #1999 from gradle/so-host-in-perf-results

Add host name to performance test results

Fix Gradleception build

Update the wrapper and use checkstyle.configDir instead of

checkstyle.checkstyleConfigDir in the Gradle build.

+review REVIEW-6526

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Added a several new, more specific, values for the `Usage` attribute and use these instead of `artifactType` to define the purpose of each variant provided by the Java plugin. The `artifactType` is still attached to these variants but not used for selection by the Java plugin and will be removed in a later change.

Also removed the "classes directory" and "resources directory" variants attached to `apiElements` and `runtime` configurations. The Java library plugin adds the "classes directory" variant to `apiElements` and wires it in as the default.

Tweaked the error message when attempting to create an instance of an object with a private constructor that is not annotated with `@Inject`.

Reorder members of BuildOperationFinishedNotification.

Added some trace to int test.

Fixed tests for changes to log level.

Introduce `tooling-builders` module

So `KotlinBuildScriptModelBuilder` can depend on `gradle-platform-jvm`

to execute `SourcesArtifact` resolution queries.

The module is still empty as we first need to patch Gradle's

`DynamicModulesClassPathProvider` to load it as part of the


See #96

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Add details about system property, command-line arguments and environment handling

+review REVIEW-6528