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Some javadoc updates

Split up Main and tightened up logging for unexpected exceptions.

Some tweaks to output of the help tasks

GRADLE-1158 - Ensure test report output files are closed once they have been generated

Merge branch 'master' into build_daemon

Some minor tidy-ups

Updated to latest ivy version, and latest jetty 6.1.x version

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Updated to latest versions of CodeNarc and Checkstyle

Updated to latest version of groovy. Also updated some samples

Updated to latest version of maven ant tasks

Some fixes for interactive child processes: - Flush data read from child process' stdout and stderr as soon as it is read. - Disconnect from the provided input stream once the child process exits.

Updated some javadocs

Flush output written to child process' stdin as soon as it is written

Added some brief details about declaring a task's inputs and outputs

Added task.inputs.file() and task.outputs.file()

Some project description in GUI's project/task tree

Some updates to docs for help tasks

Fixed broken int test

Minor updates

Run 'gradle tasks' instead of 'gradle -t' when refreshing task list

Some changes to output of help tasks - Mention '--all' in output of 'tasks' task - Mention 'tasks' task in output of 'projects' task

Allow task properties to be mapped to command-line options. - Added @CommandLineOption annotation - Use this to handle gradle tasks --all - Removed special case execution code for --tasks, --properties and --dependencies

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Fixed unit test broken on windows.

Increased some timeouts for ui integration tests.

Some DSL doc generation changes: - Indicate whether a property is read-only in the documentation. - Moved generation classes into separate package.

Some changes to command-line parsing which will allow task-specific command-line arguments.

Changed dsl doc generation to reflect the fact that plugins can extend existing types (formatting is pretty bad at the moment).

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Changed configuration for checkstyleNGroovy task so that it doesn't scribble over the result files for the checkstyleN task.

Extract some meta-data from the source code to include in the dsl documentation - Superclass is automatically determined. - The type of each property is automatically determined. - Fixed generated link to source when type is defined in a groovy source file.

Include inherited properties and methods for each type in the DSL docs.

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