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Merge branch 'eclipse-wtp.documentation' of into aaschmid-eclipse-wtp.documentation

Merge branch 'eclipse-wtp.default.facets.methods' of into aaschmid-eclipse-wtp.default.facets.methods

Removed temporary test

Upgraded to new version of sshd used by test fixtures.

Add stories for managing mutatibility of managed elements.

Unmanaged properties of managed objects can be targeted by rules.

+review REVIEW-5287

Mark story as complete.

+review REVIEW-5290

Test case for allowing managed model properties to be used as mutation subjects.


Expand the Javadocs for ParallelizableTask and add a note to Task about parallel execution.

+review REVIEW-5286

Javadoc reformat.

+review REVIEW-5286

Minor improvement to method names.

+review REVIEW-5286

Mark off completed story.

+review REVIEW-5264

Push the full transitive structure of managed model elements.

You can now target 'a.b.c' where 'a' is a managed element with an inherent property 'b' of a managed type.

+review REVIEW-5264

Add test case for targeting a value property of a managed object.

+review REVIEW-5264

Allow properties of managed elements to be targeted.

This is a rather naive, inefficient, implementation. It will be later optimized without changing the user behaviour.

+review REVIEW-5264

Fixed up some type signatures and switched on strict compile for modelGroovy project.

Added `@Incubating` to a few new classes.

Changed `BaseSettings` and `DefaultGradle` to use getter injection for the services that they need.

fix 1.8 ci errors

add scala-lang sample

- remove duplication jarFile fixture method in JavaLanguageIntegrationTest

+review REVIEW-5273

Copy task description into task selector.

share common jvm language integration tests in AbstractJvmLanguageIntegrationTest

+review REVIEW-5273

Improving play coffeescript support test coverage

+review REVIEW-5272

fix show sourcesets in components integTest

Little perf tweak for extra properties dynamic object

It does not support method/property missing. This change avoids extra MethodMissingExceptions to be triggered and makes configuration a bit faster on large projects.

share common jvm language plugin integration tests in AbstractJvmLanguageIncrementalBuildIntegrationTest

Merge branch '' of into

some test fixture renamings

TestComponent -> TestNativeComponent

AbstractLanguageIncrementalBuildIntegrationTest -> AbstractNativeLanguageIncrementalBuildIntegrationTest

+review REVIEW-5273

  1. … 3 more files in changeset.
share common logic for testing incremental jvm language plugins

+review REVIEW-5273

Include not inherited annotations when decorating classes

+review REVIEW-5286