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Always run performance

Rebaseline JavaConfigurationPerformanceTest

Run comparison only, no perf, no jfr.

Publish 5.2-20190119010056+0000

Use lambda in `VisualStudioPlugin`

Merge branch 'master' into eskatos/kotlin-dsl-merge

Merge pull request #1316 from gradle/eskatos/precompiled/clean-stale-output

Let GenerateScriptPluginAdapters task clean stale outputs

Fix dependency not being scheduled

in complex scenario including finalizers and multiple requested tasks.

See #8253.

Let GenerateScriptPluginAdapters clean stale outputs

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

Let Kotlin DSL integration tests use CI repository mirrors

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

Remove `getUsage` from `UsageContext`

This `Usage` is an artifact of migration. `UsageContext` is mostly representing

what an outgoing published variant is, but this `Usage` is preventing us from

doing smarter things. What we really care about is the attributes of published

variants, and their name for publication.

Fix ProjectRootOfTest

now that it runs in a properly managed temporary directory

under the outer project root

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

Fix TestWithTempFiles

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

Update documentation with regard to changes to maven migration

The documentation now reflects that the build init plugin generates

build scripts using the maven-publish plugin when migrating a maven

build. Furthermore links from the build init plugin documentation to the

maven-publish, java and war plugins have been added.

Issue: #7952

Merge pull request #8268 from gradle/eskatos/fixtures/report-unable-to-delete

Let test files cleanup report all unable to delete paths

Review :kotlinDsl* usages of @LeaksFileHandles

all now have a comment saying why

some were removed favoring isolated daemons

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

Remove ForcefullyDeletedTemporaryFolder favoring TestNameTestDirectoryProvider

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

Add javadoc jar task generation for multi module maven builds

Align jar task generation related test structure

Generate javadocJar task

In order to publish generated javadocs, a javadocJar task needs to

be created if the maven pom contains a maven-javadoc-plugin


Issue: #7952

Merge commit 'b3691839518f34d26c1176f41ebb1408123dac95' into eskatos/kotlin-dsl-merge

Merge pull request #8231 from gradle/wolfs/extract-property-specs

Make property specs independent of tasks

Add skeleton for C++ user manual chapter

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Re-enable daemon on CI (#8263)


Previously we disabled daemon in some CI builds as a workaround of . Now that issue has been fixed, so we re-enable disabled daemons.

Also, there seems no reason to enable daemon in performance tests, so we enable them as well.

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Prefer settings from VCS in TeamCity

This is a followup of, which allows we

make slight change on feature branches.

Revert "TeamCity change in 'Gradle' project: Versioned settings configuration updated"

This reverts commit f8a18100d4564a67fd3e69a8716ff52c996926fc.

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TeamCity change in 'Gradle' project: Versioned settings configuration updated

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Merge gradle/kotlin-dsl@v1.1.1 into eskatos/kotlin-dsl-merge

commit 'e57395d8378'

# Conflicts:

# build.gradle.kts

# gradle/wrapper/

# samples/ant/gradle/wrapper/

# samples/build-cache/gradle/wrapper/

# samples/build-scan/gradle/wrapper/

# samples/buildSrc-plugin/gradle/wrapper/

# samples/code-quality/gradle/wrapper/

# samples/composite-builds/gradle/wrapper/

# samples/copy/gradle/wrapper/

# samples/domain-objects/gradle/wrapper/

# samples/extra-properties/gradle/wrapper/

# samples/gradle-plugin/gradle/wrapper/

# samples/gradle-plugin/plugin/gradle/wrapper/

# samples/groovy-interop/gradle/wrapper/

# samples/hello-android/gradle/wrapper/

# samples/hello-coroutines/gradle/wrapper/

# samples/hello-js/gradle/wrapper/

# samples/hello-kapt/gradle/wrapper/

# samples/hello-kotlin/gradle/wrapper/

# samples/hello-world/gradle/wrapper/

# samples/kotlin-friendly-groovy-plugin/consumer/gradle/wrapper/

# samples/kotlin-friendly-groovy-plugin/gradle/wrapper/

# samples/kotlin-friendly-groovy-plugin/plugin/gradle/wrapper/

# samples/maven-plugin/gradle/wrapper/

# samples/maven-publish/gradle/wrapper/

# samples/model-rules/gradle/wrapper/

# samples/modularity/gradle/wrapper/

# samples/multi-kotlin-project-config-injection/gradle/wrapper/

# samples/multi-kotlin-project-with-buildSrc/gradle/wrapper/

# samples/multi-kotlin-project/gradle/wrapper/

# samples/multi-project-with-buildSrc/gradle/wrapper/

# samples/precompiled-script-plugin/gradle/wrapper/

# samples/precompiled-script-plugin/plugin/gradle/wrapper/

# samples/project-properties/gradle/wrapper/

# samples/project-with-buildSrc/gradle/wrapper/

# samples/provider-properties/gradle/wrapper/

# samples/source-control/external/gradle/wrapper/

# samples/source-control/sample/gradle/wrapper/

# samples/task-dependencies/gradle/wrapper/

# samples/testkit/gradle/wrapper/

# subprojects/integ-tests/src/test/kotlin/org/gradle/kotlin/dsl/integration/GradleApiExtensionsIntegrationTest.kt

# subprojects/integ-tests/src/test/kotlin/org/gradle/kotlin/dsl/integration/ProjectSchemaAccessorsIntegrationTest.kt

# subprojects/plugins/src/test/kotlin/org/gradle/kotlin/dsl/plugins/dsl/KotlinDslPluginTest.kt

# subprojects/provider/src/test/kotlin/org/gradle/kotlin/dsl/integration/KotlinBuildScriptModelIntegrationTest.kt

# subprojects/provider/src/test/kotlin/org/gradle/kotlin/dsl/integration/ScriptModelIntegrationTest.kt

# subprojects/provider/src/test/kotlin/org/gradle/kotlin/dsl/resolver/SourceDistributionResolverIntegrationTest.kt


Rename method to handle deadlocks

Rename Parameter -> Property

Let's do the whole rename at once instead of piecewise.

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