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Skip flamegraph generation when scenario was ignored

Document how to enable signing based on a condition

Resolves #5096.

Change the relationship between `ProjectStateRegistry` and `BuildStateRegistry` implementations so that the project registry can be populated on demand from each build, rather than pushing the projects from the build registry when the build becomes known.

Merge pull request #5088 from gradle/marc/issues/5034-5035-config-exclusions

Publish configuration-wide excludes in POM and Gradle module metadata

Merge pull request #5084 from gradle/guy/remove-gradle-build-internal-repo

Remove gradle-build-internal repository

Change `ProjectStateRegistry` to start to collect up some state about each project in the build tree.

Move and rename several types, in a move to reduce the differences between an included build and the other builds in a given build tree.

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Enable test.

Remove unused interface.


Take away Gradle-specific highlighting in docs

Merge pull request #5018 from gradle/oehme/publishing/lazy-maven-publication

Make MavenPublication/MavenArtifact lazy

Make some more shit lazy

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Move `exportClassPathFromHierarchyOf` to `KotlinScriptClassPathProvider`

Merge pull request #831 from gradle/bamboo/kotlin-1.2.40

Kotlin 1.2.40

Enable `-Xjsr305=strict` via `@ScriptTemplateAdditionalCompilerArguments`

See #463

Temporarily ignore tests that require a new distro

Temporarily ignore tests that require a new distro

Merge pull request #5104 from gradle/oehme/performance/profile-tapi-tests

Make TAPI performance tests profilable

:arrow_up: Kotlin 1.2.40

See #830

Merge pull request #5082 from gradle/lptr/core/rename-immutable-file-collcetion-methods

Rename ProjectLayout methods

Improve naming

Merge pull request #5073 from gradle/oehme/performance/indexed-snapshot

Make IndexedNormalizedFileSnapshot#compareTo efficient

Merge pull request #5074 from gradle/oehme/performance/gradleApi

Make gradleApi() method more efficient

Rename dist-snapshots repo to kotlin-dsl-snapshots-local

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Add ability to use `RegularFile` and `Directory` as publishable artifacts

Allows the use of `Directory` and `RegularFile` artifacts from projects.

`Provider<Directory>` and `Provider<RegularFile>` are already supported, so this make the "non-calculated" case supported as well.

Signed-off-by: Mike Kobit <>

Make a bunch of shit lazy

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Merge pull request #819 from gradle/bamboo/samples/buildSrc-plugin

Add `buildSrc-plugin` sample

Make TAPI performance tests profilable

Rebaseline Android Studio performance test

The last baseline didn't include all of the changes

that led to the slight regression, so the test was still