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Improve method signature after past change

Add missing documentation to DSL reference

Refine coverage for java installation probe

Fix toolchain display name for OpenJDK, HP-UX and Zulu along the way

+review REVIEW-5810

Pass gradleUserHomeDir to daemon side for composite builds

+review REVIEW-5817

tweak stories for "build platform"

Refine toolchains rule in JvmComponentPlugin

+review REVIEW-5810

Recognize Stuart Armitage for scala compiler fixes.

+review REVIEW-5815

- Fixed both GRADLE-3395 and GRADLE-3394

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Remove a duplicate property from the map in the test.

+review REVIEW-5815

- This addresses a concern that the duplicate entry might have been a mistake.

Coverage for model --format=short in ModelReportParserTest

+review REVIEW-5810

Refine LocalJava javadoc

+review REVIEW-5810

Refine JavaInstallationProbe

+review REVIEW-5810

Do not allow changing target once reference node is discovered

If the target of a reference node can change once it has been

discovered, then it might change the types the node can be viewed as.

If the “type” of the node changes, so do the rules that apply to it.

Hence changing the type of the node after some by-type rules have been

already applied to it would mean those rules should never have been

applied in the first place.

To avoid a situation like this, we need to lock down the target of a

reference node as soon as it is discovered.

+review REVIEW-5821

Refine ModelNodeRenderer

+review REVIEW-5810

Java toolchains discovery


- factor probing code in JvmComponentPlugin, fix duplication

- use this from test-fixtures/AvailableJavaHomes, fix duplication,

may need probing

Allows the Checkstyle HTML report to be generated with a custom stylesheet.

Adds a test for recursive exclusion using exclude('**')

+review REVIEW-5814

- This ensures that anyone who was expecting a single-wildcard exclude('*') to

exclude a whole file tree, can get the desired behavior by switching to a

double-wildcard exclude('**')

Adjust release notes to explain old behavior.

+review REVIEW-5814

- The previous stab at the notes didn't make it clear how a user who

was broken by the change could get their previous behavior back.

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Changed `BaseInstanceFactory` to allow multiple strategies to be specified to create implementation objects.

This will allow multiple hierarchies to be provided by the same factory.

Fixed expected user guide output to reflect changes to source set display names.

Support daemonBaseDir setting for GradleConnection

- daemons created in test can be killed in test cleanup

- required for running composite build tests on Windows

+review REVIEW-5817

Moved a couple of types to a new package.

Tweaked the generated display name for `LanguageSourceSet` subtypes and removed several delegate types.

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Add helpful hint for when the sample tests cannot find a sample

+review REVIEW-5818

Use `VariantComponentSpec` instead of `ComponentSpec` in several places.


Remove unnecessary wildcard at start of process regex

This was added accidentally.

+review REVIEW-5776

Fix daemon cleanup on windows

The regex for finding leftover daemon processes assumed that the process' path

would use the platform file delimiter. However, Windows does not 'harmonize' the

path. It just copies it verbatim from whatever was entered in the command line.

So if the command was "C:\some\path/java.exe", it would not be matched by the

old regex. The new regex matches against both '/' and '\'

+review REVIEW-5776

Add release notes documentation for the test filtering feature.

+review REVIEW-5812

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Add a test for filtering a specific iteration of a parameterized test.

+review REVIEW-5812

Adds a test for the custom runner use-case.

+review REVIEW-5812

- This ensures we can claim it works with custom runners which extend Suite.