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First cut at build profiling report

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A very rough first cut at some DSL reference material, with some generated navigation.

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Handle the case where a CopySpec is passed to CopySpec.from(), by delegating to CopySpec.with().

Merge branch 'master' into build_daemon

Some tweaks to help message

Some refactoring of how text decoration is applied to console

Log the test failure summary at error level

Use 'gradle tasks' instead of 'gradle -t' in various places.

Fixed how int test output is compared with expected value, so that it works on windows.

Run the 'help' task when no tasks specified on the command-line and the project has not declared any default tasks. Added more content to the output of the 'help' task.

Added project description, show this in the output of 'projects' task

GRADLE-1047 Added some content for 'projects' and 'help' tasks

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Don't output control characters when terminal is a dumb terminal.

GRADLE-1047 Added some built-in help tasks. - Tasks are added to the project's implicitTasks container during configuration - Changed TaskNameResolvingBuildExecuter and TaskReportTask to consider implicit tasks when resolving names/generating the report - Chopped up BuildConfigurer into a few separate pieces.

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Only include 'optimise' option for <scalac> task when its value is true

Merge branch 'master' of

Added get-excited page to website.

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- Added ProjectInternal.getImplicitTasks() container, for built-in tasks like -t. Not used yet - Renamed ProjectInternal.getServiceRegistryFactory() and GradleInternal.getServiceRegistryFactory() to getServices()

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Removed RepositoryHandlerFactory, DeployTaskFactory, InstallTaskFactory, MavenPomFactory, AnalyzerFactory.

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Removed TestClassProcessFactory and WorkerProcessFactory

Added generic Factory interface - Removed AntBuilderFactory and LoggingManagerFactory - Added support for factories to ServiceRegistry

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Switched on some colours.

Merge branch 'master' into build_daemon

Added some more text styles, currently disabled

Merged some changes from build_daemon branch

- Some fixes for logging system changes in master branch - The -d, -i and -q command-line options now work

Merged from branch 'master'

Fixed race condition in GradlePluginLord

Check for race condition in ui int test

Added some trace to ui int test