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Merge pull request #4573 from gradle/hansd/moveScriptsToBuildSrc

Moved wrapper and dependency resolution check to buildSrc

Fixed Xcode plugin so that Xcode workspace generation does not compile Swift libraries from included builds, only those libraries in source dependencies.

Changed some test coverage to verify that `gradle :xcode` produces a functional workspace, rather than `gradle xcode` producing one by coincidence.

Moved wrapper and dependency resolution at configuration time check to buildSrc

- Fixed bug in dependency resolution script displaying always the root project name

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Added some Xcode plugin test coverage for multi-project and composite builds.

Added missing artifacts to cross version test fixtures

- Added missing project dependency

- Set libsRepository.required to true

Added some test coverage for Visual Studio plugin, to ensure the right thing happens for multi-project and composite builds.

Fixed bug in CleanupPlugin

- Fix the mustRunAfter relationship for killExistingProcessesStartedByGradle

Refactored distribution test logic

- Extracted clean up tasks for root project into separate plugin

- Migrated and refactored distributionTesting.gradle.kts into buildSrc

- Changed order for applying the plugins

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Accepted breaking change.

Changed the IDEA plugin to use the same API to determine the IDEA modules to include in the IDEA project as the Xcode and Visual Studio plugins use to determine the projects to include their workspaces, rather than include two not-quite-the-same duplicate implementations of this logic in the IDEA plugin.

Changed all IDE plugins to consistently use `IdeArtifactRegistry` to cross project boundaries, rather than sometimes using this and sometimes reaching down into dependency management internals (the registry implementation still does this, but at least it's in one spot now).

Fixes to ensure that `gradle :idea` generates all of the modules that are referenced in the IDEA project and so produces a functional IDEA project. Previously, this was working by assuming that a user would always run `gradle idea` and would never write or use any automation that happened to invoke `:idea`. This change fixes `gradle openIdea` to generate a functional IDEA project for multi-project builds.

Added a bunch of test coverage to ensure that `gradle :idea` does not generate too much stuff as well, when modules are excluded from the project.

Deduplicated integration testing logic and moved it to Kotlin

- Extracted common logic between integration testing and cross version testing.

- Simplified test exclude logic

- Removed unnecessary extra properties

- Unified wrongly divergent configuration between integration testing and cross version testing

- Made configuration consistent for the system properties of all integration test tasks

- Removed unnecessary global (withType) configuration logic.

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Merge pull request #4568 from gradle/bamboo/rebaseline-build-performance-test

Rebaseline Gradle build performance test

Reduced visibility of dependency cycle between projects.

Moved some test coverage from `compositeBuilds` to `ide` project.

Renamed method.

Add more debugging information to daemon messaging problems

Only release lock when buildSrc classes have been cached

Remove wrong comment

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/hansd/publish'

* origin/hansd/publish:

Fix upToDate configuration for generatePom task

Fixed task property annotations for GeneratePom task

Migrated gradle/publish.gradle to Kotlin

Revert "Remove cache for buildSrc"

This reverts commit 78d09a184aa6ffb43eb28a5def0da9c12e04b4be.

Re-add Kryo as a dependency in Kotlin build script

Fix issue with TERM being set to null on bare metal agents

Merge pull request #4565 from gradle/hansd/docsWithCssPublication

Migrated build-comparison buildscript to Kotlin

Fix upToDate configuration for generatePom task

- Disable up to date checks

- Use internal annotation

Rebaseline Gradle build performance test

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Fixed task property annotations for GeneratePom task

Add googletest fix for sample test

Implement googletest fix for Clang toolchains as well