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Merge pull request #3271 from gradle/sg/native/binary-properties

Add new queryable properties to CppBinary

Change to an invalid address

This makes it more clear that we are not hoping to find a real

repository at the URL in question.

Part of gradle/gradle-native#213

Add a test for non-repo error message

Fixes #213

Address review comments

Verify resolution of transitive dependencies

Move more logic into fixture

A disabled build option should provide a proper description (#3237)

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Ignore tests as they are still flaky

Forcibly make default & gradlePluginPortal() a maven repository

and adapt tests and fixtures introducing HttpPluginRepository with

plugin resolution expectations helpers.

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Merge branch 'bamboo/v0.12.2' into eskatos/release/v0.12.2

Update the compatibility baseline to latest RC

Merge branch 'release'

Update to latest RC Wrapper

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Update to latest RC Wrapper

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Update wrappers to Gradle 4.3-RC3

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Merge pull request #3277 from gradle/eljobe/vcs/bad-dsl-error

Add a test for errors emitted from bad dsl elements

Merge pull request #568 from gradle/eskatos/settings/buildscript-block

Settings can use buildscript dependencies

Add a test for errors emitted from bad dsl elements

Part of gradle/gradle-native#212

Fix model builder classpath includes settings buildscript deps test

Assert model builder classpath includes settings buildscript deps

The test setup is a bit convoluted as it relies on a local maven repo.

It'll be possible to simplify this once we have a way to create

FileCollections propertly, aka. files(..).

Generate lock on demand when dependency is resolved

Express target blocks support by mapping over nullable script templates

Remove script template qualified name from cached script file name

Address minor review comments

Only load headerDependencies once

Merge pull request #3272 from gradle/bamboo/release/kotlin-dsl-v0.12.2

Upgrade gradle-kotlin-dsl {0.12.1 => 0.12.2}

Add a few @UsedByScanPlugin annotations

+review DC-2180

Merge pull request #561 from gradle/eskatos/settings/model-builder

KotlinBuildScriptModelBuilder supports settings.gradle.kts

Merge branch 'release' into bamboo/release/kotlin-dsl-v0.12.2

Fix build on Linux