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Copy the execution plan into a queue that we can trim down as we process it.

Remove some dead code

+review REVIEW-5391

Add default build script imports via AST instead of script text to avoid the cost of parsing them

+review REVIEW-5410

Remove non waiting tasks from the execution plan.

This is a performance optimisation. Previously, every time we needed a task to execute we started iterating linearly through the execution plan looking for the next waiting/runnable task. When the execution plan is large, this means visiting a lot of tasks necessarily and linear growth on the time it takes to find a task to execute relative to how far along we are in the plan.

For now try to determine if we can resolve the javac executable for available JDK.

+review REVIEW-5397

Replacing external module dependency with project dependency keeps the configuration

DependencyMetaData.withTarget keeps the transitive and changing flags

Use different JDKs for subprojects. Use a real library as import for compiled classes.

+review REVIEW-5397

Allow arbitrary types that extend the given type.

+review REVIEW-5397

Can reuse existing concurrency functionality from ConcurrentSpec.

+review REVIEW-5397

Sort unbound rules by descriptor string, alphabetically, before rendering to screen.

Don't use, other, Java 8 API.

+review REVIEW-5408

Fixing issue with Tooling API and Netbeans gradle plugin (GRADLE-3245)

+review REVIEW-5409

Store pending rule binders in an identity hash set to make removal cheaper when the rule binds.

We were previously using a linked list, which has much more expensive, non-index based, removal.

Don't use Java 8 API.

+review REVIEW-5408

Keep an internal name -> object index for named domain object collections.

Previously, a request for an object by name (which happens very often) resulted in a linear search of the backing collection, generating the name and then comparing against that target. We now maintain an index which allows fast retrieval/detection of an object by name.


Add notes about parallel-native and precompiled header specs

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Remove 'This and That' chapter from User Guide

- Remove reference to "directory tasks" that haven't existed in a long time.

- Move "Directory Creation" section to 'Working with Files'

- Move "Caching" section to 'Command Line' chapter

- Move properties section to 'Build Environment'


- Move configuring arbitrary objects section to 'Writing Build Scripts'


Add note about native parallel compilation in release notes

+review REVIEW-5331

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Converting JavaCompile/JavaDoc to use ToolResolver instead of ToolChain

+review REVIEW-5398

Make GCC linker/static archive tools use BuildOperationProcessor too

+review REVIEW-5406

Add information about what is being compiled/linked to error message

+review REVIEW-5406

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Fix task selection for multiproject variant case.

Assembler can now use regular GCC args

+review REVIEW-5331

Fix checkstyle

+review REVIEW-5331

Fix test broken by rebase

+review REVIEW-5331

Limit BuildExceptionReporter to only show first 10 causes

+review REVIEW-5364

GRADLE-3243: Added test case that reproduces issue.

GRADLE-2784 - Using a specific snapshot version of an artifact: Added another step during the resolution process to check if the given dependency declaration requests a specific unique Maven snapshot version; in such a case we extract the timestamp, create a new module component identifier to reflect resolution of a snapshot and continue on to the normal snapshot resolution process.

Test cases added: Resolve a unique snapshot from a file or HTTP repository, try to resolve an inexisting unique snapshot, declare dependencies on both unique and non-unique snapshots