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Polish `KotlinCompiler`

Added support for adding directories to `FileStore` instances.


Adjust libJarsCount to new gradle-script-kotlin dependency count

gradle-script-kotlin v0.8.0 brings a new dependency:


Merge pull request #1384 from gradle/ew-fix-1378

Allow special handling of "release" in version comparator

Use >=3.5 vs >3.4 so we don't test against 3.4.1

Added some test coverage for applying artifact transforms to changing external modules and Maven snapshots.

Create a test fixture for validating build operations

Some tweaks to cached artifact transform outputs, and some more test coverage.

Merge branch 'release'

Update wrapper to 3.4.1

    • -2
    • +2
Polish `DefaultClassLoaderScope`

- Remove redundant branch (`buildLockedLoader(id, classPath)` already

checks if the given `ClassPath` is empty

Polish `ClassLoaderVisitor`

- Make line readable under 120 columns via static import

Compute parent classpath via `ClasspathUtil#getClasspath`

See #190

Retry TAPI performance tests on failure

Improve exception handling in worker api

Show stack trace when a sample fails to check

Use a guaranteed invalid hostname

+review REVIEW-6461

Add _target="top" to links from Javadoc to user guide

Copy jflags to new javadoc options

+review REVIEW-6462

Update the release note for 3.4.1

    • -48
    • +2
Fail the HttpBuildCache on UnknownHostException

We considered this recoverable and it is not.

+review REVIEW-6461

Mention er-han contribution in the release note

    • -0
    • +1
Use cleanup to revert the Locale back

Mention plugin management in release notes

    • -0
    • +29
Read username and password for DC from system properties

+review REVIEW-6461

    • -1
    • +17
Define output dir for clean task

    • -0
    • +3
Mention tbroyer contribution in the release notes

    • -0
    • +1
Construct description of dispatching build cache in constructor

+review REVIEW-6455

Lowercase test method names

+review REVIEW-6460