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Merge pull request #3878 from gradle/sg/native/vcs-settings-plugins

Add injected plugins into included builds

fix minor review feedback

add the library binaries

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add comment

Fixes to int tests for removed expectation that the build for a source dependency must have a settings.gradle.

Temporarily disable test.

Take a defensive copy of the `StartParameter` of each included build prior to executing any user code for the build, to isolate subsequent execution of the same build from mutations made to the `StartParameter` during execution.

Fixed registration of a particular build multiple times.

Fixed some unit test expectations for changes to the APIs of various services.

Fixed `ProjectBuilder` to inject a dummy `BuildDefinition` instance into the services that need a `BuildDefinition`.

Fixed construction of `BuildDefinition` for included build to use the correct `StartParameter`.

Renamed a property of `BuildDefinition` to better reflect its purpose.

Changed source dependency resolution to match only tags, rather than all references such as branches, when selecting a version.

This removes the accidental support for declaring a dependency on a branch, pending an actual implementation.

Address review feedback on generated jars resolution test coverage

Added some support for dynamic version selectors to source dependency resolution.

This change duplicates the logic that implements the same feature for binary dependencies. This duplicate implementation is incomplete and behaves differently to the implementation for binary dependencies. This is intended to be a place holder and a later change will move the source dependency resolver to a location where both source and binary dependency resolution can share the same implementation of the selection logic (plus a bunch of other missing capabilities).

Removed some unnecessary casts.

Revert "Revert "Speed up attribute matching""

Merge pull request #4077 from gradle/revert-4044-oehme/performance/attribute-matching

Revert "Speed up attribute matching"

Revert "Speed up attribute matching"

drop last parts of xml, rename a enum

Identify host fragment as host in file:////host/path resource names (#4074)

Before, also 'host' was treated as part of the path. With the changes

in e13e45a, we do additional path normalization on resource names

when we resolve a relative path. That is, all additional '/'s are

stripped. This also converted '//host' to '/host'. Which is different:

the first is a host (i.e. a network share), and the second is just the

first segment of a path. This fix identifies a host in a path that

starts with '//' and makes this host part of the 'root' in a

ExternalResourceName rather than the path.

This fixes #4002, which is a 4.4 regression. In practice, these changes

only have an effect on Windows.

Update wrappers to latest snapshot distro

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move code formatting to plugin

Polish new command line options functionality (#4052)

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summarize func tests for new build operations

- due to we only check buildpath for root builds.

- BuildOperationNotificationsFixture ensures the scan plugin use case is covered and buildpath can be consumed from build scan plugin

Merge pull request #4044 from gradle/oehme/performance/attribute-matching

Speed up attribute matching

Enable project property delegation in any context

Fixes #535

Update wrapper to latest nightly

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Add tests to show all descriptions in resolution result API

This commit adds tests that show that the resolution result API gives access

to more information than the dependency insight report.

Signed-off-by: Cedric Champeau <>

Make sure reasons available in published metadata are visible

This commit updates the renderer so that we make sure that dependency

selection reason found in published module metadata is displayed in

the insight report.

Signed-off-by: Cedric Champeau <>

S3Client disable chunked encoding

Signed-off-by: Dennis Hoer <>