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Do not use JavaPropertyReflectionUtil in ClosureCompiler

Since ClosureCompiler will run in a Worker Daemon and

`JavaPropertyReflectionUtil` is not available there.

Composite build effect on configuration resolution

Since composite builds rely on dependency substitution they can have an

impact on _when_ configurations are resolved.

This is now better referenced in documentation.

Fixes #8174

Test for selecting multiple variants of a local project

This commit adds a test showing we can use variant-aware dependency management

to select 2 variants of the same project.

This test is not intended to be an example how to expose test fixtures,

it's only there for coverage.

Revert "Mark `compile` and `runtime` configurations as not resolvable"

The IDEA sync resolves the compile and runtime configurations and fails

if these cannot be resolved.

This reverts commit 15043188d7bce27d5536343cd82246ad3de9a73f.

Removal of source root shouldn't fail incremental compilation

Add test coverage for external dependencies multi-variant selection

Merge pull request #8193 from gradle/blindpirate/package-list

Copy element-list to package-list

Let GradleExecuter ignore kotlinc deprecation warnings

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

Merge pull request #8195 from gradle/wolfs/missing-source-root-inc-compile

Ignore missing source roots for incremental compilation

Address review feedback

Merge pull request #8172 from gradle/wolfs/move-reflect-to-model-core

Move org.gradle.internal.reflect to modelCore

Upgrade to JMH plugin 0.4.8

This fixes the "sanityCheck" task failing with a dependency resolution error.

The previous version of the plugin caused the "compile" configuration to be

resolved, instead of "compileClasspath"

Ignore missing source roots for incremental compilation

Fixes #8194

Measure specified pid

Mark `compile` and `runtime` configurations as not resolvable

This doesn't fix anything, but allows us to capture some errors sooner,

in particular badly behaving plugins.

Rename factory methods on JavaMethod

  1. … 6 more files in changeset.
Let GradleExecuter ignore kotlinc deprecation warnings

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

Remove dependency on `modelCore` from `buildCache`

Since it is not needed given that `Instantiator` lives in


Address review feedback

Run perf stat

Merge pull request #8187 from gradle/bamboo/release/kotlin-dsl-1.1.1

Upgrade Kotlin DSL to 1.1.1

Add some unimportant change

Make test fail

Add a flaky test

Spelling (#8147)

Misspellings make it harder to search for things; they make it harder for people to understand code and descriptions; and sometimes they result in bugs.

This PR fixes quite a few typos.

Rename element-list to package-list

This fixes as a workaround of

Since JDK 11, javadoc's package-list file is superseded by element-list file, but a lot of external tools still need it.

This PR makes a workaround by manually copying element-list file to package-list file.

Make AsciidoctorTask cacheable again (#8148)

This fixes

This PR does:

- Re-enables `CacheableAsciidoctorTask`

- Updates everything to the latest version.

- Fixes several broken cacheability issues.

- Tag the build `CACHE_MISS` upon unexpected cache-miss.

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Property handle UNC paths for the wrapper path.

File::getPath() does not have the correct behavior specifically for network paths, but has the same behavior for all other types

Signed-off-by: Thad House <>

Toward 1.2.0

Signed-off-by: Rodrigo B. de Oliveira <>