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Tweak documentation

Point to instead of Google Code that it currently redirects to

Set group and description for test tasks

Story: gradle/langos#113

Add missing test cases to check incremental behavior and variants

Story: gradle/langos#113

Documentation enhancements

+review REVIEW-5783


Story: gradle/langos#113

Simplify test

+review REVIEW-5771

Replaced `Specs.and()`, `or()` and `not()` with `intersect()`, `union()` and `negate()`.

The new methods perform some simplification of the specs, such as removing double negation or short circuiting 'and(nothing, something)''. The specs created by these methods are used to select files in file sets, and can be invoked many, many times during a build.

New methods were required as the signatures of the old methods did not allow much simplification. The old methods have been deprecated and will be removed in Gradle 3.0.

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Add unit tests for filtering parameterized tests.

Revert "Use bindings to project managed model"

This reverts commit 229c6f3ca19c84c01128ace5b7c6b7f2f51f5135.

Move JUnitTestClassExecuterTest to be a Processor-level test instead.

Also include a test for a JUnit 3-style test suite.

Use bindings to project managed model

+review REVIEW-5761

Fixed links to sub-features in ide-integration

High level story overview for IDE task execution with a composite build

Added story for modelling `IdeaProject` for a composite

Use an extension property rather than project property for configuring target idea version

+review REVIEW-5791

Improved terminology for IDE composite build feature

Reworked and renamed sts->buildship migration feature

Renamed 'ide-multiple-build' and 'ide-subset-build' sub-features of 'die-integration'

Mark story as complete in spec

Expose the corresponding property when finding initializer for a node

The point is to be able to use the information whether or not the

scalar collection property is writable or not. In the writable case

(where there is a setCollection() method), de default value of the

collection should be null. Where there’s only a getCollection() method

declaring the property, the default value should be an empty

collection. The mode report should display these values, too.

+review REVIEW-5769

Move new integration test into existing test class.


Split up stories

Refactor test

- make changes after the first build has finished

+review REVIEW-5788

Fix the amended boolean logic and update the comment.

Synchronize calls to close() as well

+review REVIEW-5736

Revert "Only synchronize client access when initializing"

This reverts commit d3c545239c9c810f659e398443cb3d2a020fde9e.

Only synchronize client access when initializing

+review REVIEW-5736

Revert "Add s3 repository transport support for authenticating with EC2 instance metadata"

This reverts commit 3f138d2dbda259768d1d3ac91f18c192baacb5d1.